As load times evaporate on next-gen systems,

Posted by wang on October 13th, 2022

I’ve always liked the idea of match or game objectives in player career mode FUT 23 Coins . Whether it was “rushing for 100 yards” in FIFA or scoring goals in FIFA, there should be short-term objectives in all sports. With that being said, let’s hope the objectives are more realistic than those pictured above because they are a bit ridiculous. Two goals from distance in a single match? That would be a good season-long objective if we’re being brutally honest. 60 percent team possession you say? Well if I’m a striker or center back why or how is it my responsibility to maintain 60 percent possession, something that’s entirely team-based?

EA does a great job of applying logic when it comes to the quality of opposition you’re facing, formation of choice by your manager, and your preferred formation within this formation, but why abandon this logic with unrealistic match objectives?

One of the most challenging aspects of both the traditional and player career mode centers around player growth. Too overpowered and you’ll quickly develop a team of superstars. Too weak and what’s the point in having a youth academy. Applying this both the human and AI also helps to create balance and realism as you can both be poached for your young talent or be the one doing the poaching. No FIFA in my opinion has gotten this right, as some sort of potential rating mixed in with match ratings/results need to factor here as well.

With all of these aspects in mind, EA has taken a page from Pro Clubs for FIFA 23 by instituting skill trees and perks. All of these new items are done through a new leveling-up system that mixes match results with training. XP is primarily earned from matches — which it should be — but there’s still some love for putting in work on the training pitch as you can now do three training sessions per week.

As load times evaporate on next-gen systems, skill games that were previously available while the matches loaded are now really only functional during these weekly training sessions. There’s no mention of whether or FIFA 23 Coins buy not FIFA 23‘s risk/reward system for training has carried over or was abandoned, but there looks to be a nice locker room cutscene at the end of matches where you collect all of your feedback.

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