Pros and Cons of PPC Marketing for Dentist

Posted by Meg Smith on October 13th, 2022

Whether you are just beginning your digital journey or you’ve been trying to make an online presence for a while, you must do your research and understand the advantages and disadvantages of various marketing strategies. This article takes a deep dive into PPC Marketing for Dentists

Important things you must know about PPC Marketing 

PPC marketing is different from organic SEO in terms of the speed at which it provides results. SEO can take a few months before showing any measurable results. However, PPC campaigns can be set up quickly and show results as soon as it goes live. You can bid for the right Google adwords for dentists and start your PPC campaign whenever you desire. Thus, dental PPC is an inexpensive solution for reaping major benefits. Before you arrive at a final decision, the following are some pros and cons of dental PPC advertising: 


1.     Quick Visibility 

When you bid on the right keywords, Google Ads for Dentists offer almost immediate visibility. PPC advertisements appear on the very top of the organic search results, on the very first page. This means that if your target audience is making a search from their phones (which they highly likely are), they’ll come across your ad even without having to scroll down. While SEO can take a long time to make your website appear at the very top, PPC ads can offer fairly quick results. 

2.     Qualified Leads 

PPC ads allow you to target specific individuals that are actually interested in finding a dentist or are already looking for a dental procedure.PPC for dentistalso allows you to geo-target your advertisements, which allows you to target people within a particular radius around your clinic. This helps in pulling patients from various towns. It can be hard to optimize your website for more than one town with SEO alone but PPC allows you to attract people from the surrounding towns as well. 


1.     Lack of Experience 

If you are not experienced in the field, PPC can end up becoming a costly ordeal. Choosing the right keywords will help you in targeting the right audience. Choosing the wrong keywords can result in bidding wars and even run up your costs to almost 50 dollars per click. A study found that the conversion rate of PPC is around 3%. If you end up paying 50 dollars for 100 clicks, that’s almost 5000 dollars for just 3 conversions. This is not to discourage you from using PPC ads, but make sure to be smart about it. 

2.     Management 

It would be great if you could just launch some ads and then see immediate results. However, PPC needs to be managed properly in order to work effectively. The messaging, keywords, and target preferences need testing. However, this testing can only be done by someone who is truly capable of keeping up with the campaign. 


These issues can easily be solved by hiring an experienced dental marketing agency. These agencies are well aware of which keywords to bid for, what works, and how to run the PPC campaigns. It is important to note that any single marketing channel works in conjunction with the others. So make sure that all your marketing efforts are in tandem with each other. 

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