Is It Legally Required to Have Spare Tyres on Hand During A MOT?

Posted by David Root on October 15th, 2022

Is the car's MOT test now back on track? Many drivers in the UK are getting concerned and frustrated. And the reasons are legitimate. Most drivers are also concerned about their vehicle's MOT test. Since there are several minute elements. That might fail their MOT Birmingham test and deem their vehicle unfit to operate on the road. Yet, this should never be a cause for alarm, and thus hall explain why!

If a driver understands what to expect from the test. He or she will never fail it. This will also assist them in preparing their vehicle for the impending MOT test. One may also prevent ad surprises while protecting the money.

If one has a spare tyre and a jack in the car, one may save a lot of grief. If one gets into an accident on the road. Getting the car back on the road after a puncture is especially important. If one is going to distant places or abroad or for an MOT test, where callouts may be slower. Many people don't carry spares since they take up space and are pretty heavy. But space-saving alternatives are there as a temporary remedy.

The MOT test covers many aspects of the vehicle, mostly the outside. Engines aren't on the MOT inspection list. Tyres and wheels are also subject to MOT examination. The most amazing thing is that even the spare wheels count. So, whether it's the spare wheel or ordinary tyres. Keep the following factors in mind before heading for the MOT examination. Is it legally required to have a spare wheel to pass the MOT test? Do spare wheels undergo MOT testing as well? If one is thus getting fascinated by these questions, keep reading this blog to find out more.

Is it necessary to have a spare wheel on hand for an MOT?

Before answering that, let's only note that having spare wheels is always a good idea. And can come in handy in a need. It's never a bad idea to keep a spare wheel in the trunk. Because one never knows when one will get a flat. As a result, it is always good to be in a safe zone than in danger.

So, to answer the question, no, it is illegal need to bring the spare wheel or a spare tyre to the MOT test. When one boils it down, it isn't even a legal obligation. Thus, there is no need to bring any puncture repair equipment.

According to recent research, 9 out of 10 automobiles in the UK currently do not come with spare wheels.

Do spare wheels require an MOT?

The MOT inspection's job is to detect and drop any potential issues in a vehicle. But thinking so is unrealistic.

It's difficult to go through the spare tyre after going. Along with the lights, tyres, rakes, and all other equipment in the automobile. Furthermore, it is not a legal necessity to examine the spare tyre. During the MOTT examination. This is true for both the car's space-saving and full-size spare wheels.

Yet, if the automobile already has the spare-saver spare tyre on before. One rings the car for the MOT test. It will fail the test instantly.

When Does Having a Spare Wheel Become Illegal?

Spare wheels are not legally required on the MOT inspection list. They, like regular tyres, can degrade, wear, and tear over time. As a result of this wear and tear, they may be unable to drive.

If the authorities discover one with unauthorised spare tyres on. One might face a hefty punishment of up to 2,500 Euros. But, aside from the cost aspect, such tyres are dangerous to keep around. It can cost one's life, as well as the lives of the passengers and other drivers on the road. It is also unlawful to have a spare wheel with a tread depth of 1.6mm or less.

Do the regular automobile tyres fall inside the scope of the MOT inspection?

During the MOT test, ordinary automobile tyres pass through four major fields. They are as follows:

  • The tyre's condition
  • The tyre's security or the manner in which the wheels are getting twitch the car
  • Suitability of size and kind
  • The tyre tread depth

Although the spare tyres and Car Service Birmingham are not legally required. To be thus getting a checking. During the MOT test. Normal automobile tyres are very vital and required. The tyres will also be thus getting a proper inspection to look for surface damage. Such as bumps, scratches, cuts, or punctures. The automobile will fail the MOT test if it is getting deemed unfit for the road.

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