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Posted by David Brian on October 16th, 2022

MyTypeGuide.com releases The Font Guide Book series and The Dingbats Guide Books. These ebook series are new typography books designed specifically for all creative professionals who work with typography on a daily basis. Touted as "The ultimate typography reference library for the digital designer," this guide serves as a go-to resource for anyone looking for great typefaces to enhance their work's design. These books are not only for graphic designers but also for advertising agencies, art &  design students, web designers, illustrators, or anyone looking for inspiring typefaces and icon fonts.

The Font Guide Books and The Dingbats Guide ebooks are available as follows:
The Font Guide No.1: Sans Serif
The Font Guide No.2: Serif
The Font Guide No.3: Various sans serif fonts
The Font Guide No.4: Slab Serif and Rounded Serif fonts
*All fonts and numbers are clearly displayed in regular, italic, bold and bold + italic on one page.
The Dingbats Guide No.1: this book consists of more than 400 symbol fonts and 35 icon themes
Each font is presented in absolute detail, helping you choose just the right icon for your needs.  You will see immediately which key or key combination is required in order to type each icon.

The best part about this large collection of fonts is that all font files for all typefaces and dingbats presented in the books are also included free of charge and ready to install. It saves a lot more time than searching for thousands of fonts on the internet.

"The Font Guide and The Dingbats Guide ebooks are an essential typography tool, a useful reference and guide to the world of type and icons.Both book series are a huge help and also a wonderful source of inspiration." Said a MyTypeGuide representative.

In addition, the book samples of these PDF publications are available to download for free from https://www.mytypeguide.com.

About MyTypeGuide
MyTypeGuide.com provides The Font Guide and The Dingbats Guide Books, a helpful font guide for anyone looking for a fast solution and saving lots of time. All ebooks (The Font Guide 1-4 and The Dingbats Guide No.1) come with ready-to-use font files. Get all 5 books and the font files at discounted price for only 29.99 EUR in a single download. For more information, please visit https://www.mytypeguide.com.

Website: www.MyTypeGuide.com

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