Tasks Completed During Annual Maintenance by St. George HVAC Technicians

Posted by Gale Freeman on October 16th, 2022

Annual maintenance for the central air conditioner and furnace keeps the equipment in good working order. It also helps prevent any need for repair service. A breakdown may happen even when the machine has not shown any signs of problems. Thats less likely if a skilled technician with a st george hvac company has inspected, cleaned, and adjusted the system.

Annual Maintenance

Ideally, homeowners would schedule central air maintenance just before the cooling season begins and then have furnace maintenance done in autumn. However, many men and women prefer to have both services performed during the same appointment to save money. As long as all the equipment is inspected and maintained annually, this is an acceptable choice.

Lubricating Components

Lubricating motors is crucial for keeping the equipment running smoothly. Without adequate lubrication, components could break when the system is operating because of friction. People might consider this similar to keeping their vehicle components lubricated.

Cleaning Tasks

During the maintenance appointment, a st george hvac technician uses a vacuum cleaner and brushes to clear dust and dirt from the interior of the indoor and outdoor equipment. This eliminates debris on the evaporator and condenser coils and all other parts. The outside unit may have accumulated some organic debris that the technician removes.


The inspection includes checking over all the components looking for problems that could result in the equipment malfunctioning. For instance, the technician checks belts for wear. The refrigerant level of the central air unit is evaluated, and low refrigerant indicates a leak. Compressor failure can occur if the refrigerant gets low, which is an essential reason to have annual maintenance completed.

The compressor must stay level or it can fail. The pad on which it sits can move due to the ground settling or earth tremors. The technician from an hvac services company shores up the pad if it has shifted.

Providing Advice

A st george hvac technician can answer all questions the customers have and provide advice on how to properly care for the equipment throughout the year. Air filters should be replaced as recommended on the packaging or more frequently. It's important to use a pleated filter instead of a cheap flat fiberglass one, as the pleated products catch significantly more particulates.

Although central air units should not be fully covered in the winter, placing something on top keeps leaves, pine cones and other debris out during those months. Top-only covers are available from various manufacturers.

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