Top 5 IoT Based Smart Agricultural Solutions

Posted by UbiBot on October 17th, 2022

Technology is spreading its roots in almost every sector, and agriculture is no exception. With that said, IoT has also gained widespread usage in the agriculture sector, transforming the yesteryear methods of planting and harvesting crops. Here in this article, we pen down the top five IoT based smart agriculture solutions that are highly trending these days: 

1. Precision Agriculture 

It is an IoT based smart agriculture solution that implements digital technology to allow farmers to make smart and informed decisions about when, where, and how they should fertilize and irrigate their farms. With the help of sensors that get detailed data about the weather, crop health, moisture, and real-time location tracking, farmers can make informed decisions that are suitable for their crops. 

2. Weather Forecasting 

With the deployment of weather forecasting satellites, farmers get to make a detailed decision about when it is a good time to plant and harvest crops based on the current season. The sensors employed in weather stations collect the data and accordingly pass on the information to the farmers. Additionally, there is other complex software capable of providing readymade data analysis that helps the farmers gain a forecast to prevent crop failure.

 3. Pest Control

Industrial Wireless Sensors also aid in detecting pets and accordingly dispense the pesticides in an adequate amount that is required for the protection of crops against pests. Smart pest control can be used along with smart irrigation management so that the pesticides are sprayed only at targeted areas where it is required, which also reduces unnecessary wastage of pesticides.

4. Livestock Monitoring

RFID tags and sensors used in IoT based agriculture also helps in keeping track of the health and location of the livestock. It aids in finding out the animals who are sick so that they can be isolated and separated from the other cattle to stop the spread of disease.

5. Crop Monitoring

With the use of drones, satellites, and wireless sensors, IoT based smart agriculture solutions help in monitoring crop health. It also lets the farmers know about the areas that need special attention, taking into account the real-time data on temperature, humidity, rainfall, crop health, etc. 


With these smart technologies, farmers have witnessed an overall hike in efficiency and productivity. Not only does it save extra labor costs, but it also enhances the quality of the crops besides providing real-time data analysis. So, what are you waiting for? If you are someone looking out for implementing smart agricultural solutions, it's high time you seek the doors of IoT based agriculture. 

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