Importance of PHP for Business Software Solutions

Posted by Sandip Patel on October 18th, 2022

Even after 28 years, PHP still holds 29.48% market share in 2022 and is one of Github’s most popular programming languages. PHP is still being used in 77.3% of the websites compared to other server-side programming languages.

PHP is still the go-to scripting language for developing dynamic and interactive websites and, over the years, has evolved with regular updates. If you are wondering about the importance of PHP for business software solutions, here are some of the core benefits of why PHP Web Development is still preferred.

Open-Source Environment

PHP programming language is open-source and is distributed under the General Public License (GPL). So, it doesn’t require any download, nor do businesses need to pay any licensing fees. Being open-source, PHP has a vast and active community that contributes to a pool of resources and facilities. So, many skilled PHP developers are available in today’s market, and it has become very easy to hire PHP development companies. In addition, due to no licensing fees, businesses can save up on costs by developing their web portals using PHP.

Code Development is Less Time Consuming

PHP is a partial object-oriented programming language and partial procedural, so developers can repurpose old PHP components to save time and effort during the development process. Moreover, a wide spectrum of PHP frameworks such as Laravel, Yii, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, and Symphony have their own functionalities and offers quick & secure development. Furthermore, it was among the first server-side languages that web developers could embed into HTML, so it is optimized for making various web applications quickly. So, businesses need to invest less to develop web apps when using PHP quickly. The time saved is the money saved for any business.

Flexible and Integrative

From Windows, Unix/Linux to macOS, PHP code is versatile to be compatible with all major platforms. It also supports multiple databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc., and different servers like Apache, Nginx, Netscape, IIS 7.5, TomCat, etc. PHP can also be integrated with JavaScript, XML, WML, or any other programming languages, as all the scripts are compiled on the server side. Thanks to the dynamic nature of PHP, projects undergo functionality changes, and implementation is accessible at any development stage without any loss of development time.

Easily Scalable

Most IT solutions are developed in multiple iterations, meaning different software modules are developed progressively and changes are made over the course of development. PHP allows you to develop and provide support for scalable web apps and online solutions using extensions and libraries.


PHP is one of the programming languages with the most well-maintained documentation. This gives developers ease in understanding code and references that can be repurposed during the development process. The result is a more efficient development cycle.

Easy to Maintain and Update

PHP follows a very easy-to-interpret syntax. So it’s quick and cost-effective to maintain and update PHP-based apps. In addition, community contributions make it easy for PHP development companies to add new functionality without increasing the development cost. Also, due to proper documentation and easy-to-follow code, upgrades can be managed by any developer team.

Better Suited for Hosting

PHP is universally supported by most web hosting providers as a part of their web hosting services. Being an integral part of the LAMP technology stack, your web app can run on an Apache web server on a Linux system while using MySQL as the database backend. Since all the components are free, the overall cost for hosting is very low compared to other technology stacks.

Provides Good Web Performance

Web app performance is crucial for retaining users. For every delay in the app operations, you are losing your audience. Thankfully, PHP has fast data processing features, customization potential, and the ability to integrate with most tools. Since it can embed easily into HTML code, developers can turn static HTML code into dynamic web pages enabled with PHP and HTML. This way, large websites with multiple static pages, inconsistent templates, or content-heavy pages can be converted into uniform, light-weighted websites using PHP.

Complete Security

Compared to other programming languages, custom PHP development offers incredible security capabilities and control choices, making you feel certain that your company website will be safe and protected from dangers. It features a sizable community and 24/7 help from professionals across the world. Using PHP for development is, therefore, secure for your company.

Gives Web Developer More Control

PHP gives the website creator more flexibility than other languages. Lengthy, sophisticated texts override some programming languages, but PHP is not one of those languages. Simple lines of code are sufficient. Additionally, PHP supports tags, so website developers may combine and add HTML tags to the material to give it more authority. When utilizing PHP, which is written within tags, developers do not have to worry about placing scripts in the appropriate spot. As a result, as long as they are indicated, functions and systems can be written in any sequence.

Business Solutions Possibilities using PHP

  • Content Management System.
  • Web-based applications and Website development.
  • E-commerce websites and applications.
  • Data Analytics and Representation.
  • Processing of Images.
  • Graphical interface design-based applications.
  • Developing the features of Flash.

Wrapping Up

PHP and its frameworks are popular even today, as mentioned above. With benefits such as cost-efficiency, scalability, compatibility, simplicity, and user-friendliness, it is the first choice for most business software solutions where lightweight code, quick executions, and responsivity are top priorities. Software developers can create anything from simple websites to CRM solutions and large marketplaces using PHP as a standalone technology or as a part of a technology stack. Check out our PHP development services if you want to hire PHP developers.

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