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Posted by Danyking on June 13th, 2016

On 10th June 2016, Blade & Soul KR has released a new update in the test server. Some old skills were removed, and some new skills were added. Now, Safewow, the best site to buy blade and soul gold, is willing to give you an overall introduction of changes in Breeze (LB) and Blade Guard (F).

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Breeze (LB) removed Stage 3
In Tier 5 Stage 1of Breeze (LB), the effect of “Pierce can be used on critical hit” is changed to “Flawless (RB, new) can be used on critical hit”. And Stage 3 has been removed. In Tier 3 Stage 2, Focus recovery is changed to 2. And the Tier 5 Stage 2 removed the effect of “Generate 1 Focus per enemy hit”.

Blade Guard (F) changed its name to Blade Hit (F)
The name of Blade Guard (F) is changed to Blade Hit. Now, in Blade Hit, both the Tier 2 Stage 3 and Tier 3 Stage 3 have several skills changed. For the Tier 2 Stage 3, the effect of “Deflect attack for 0.5 sec” has been removed. And effects of “Block frontal attack for 1 sec” and “generate 1 Focus on successful Block” have been added to the Tier 2 Stage 3.
For Tier 3 Stage 3, effects of “increase Threat by 20%” and “CD is refreshed on Deflect” were removed. And another four effects were added to the Tier 3 Stage 3. Correction Stance will be used unconditionally in the Tier 3 Stage 3. Both Gain Scorching and Gain Blade Chi will effect for 2 sec after they successful hit with Correction Stance. And after 3 successful Block, Dispel Correction Stance will be added to Blade Hit.

However, these skill updates are not final, there will be changes when it is released in the official server. Please look forward to the coming official server of Blade and Soul. By the way, if you are in need of buying blade and soul gold, welcome to Safewow. We have a large number of cheapest Blade and Soul money for sale. Have fun!

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