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Posted by SEO Digital Team on October 19th, 2022

RF Flex Feeder cables are helical coaxial cables that are specially designed for connecting high-power RF amplifiers with broadcast antennas. These are used to transfer information and power from a power amplifier to a broadcast antenna. 

RF Cable Dubai, UAE allow the transmission of power and television / radio signals from a transmitter to the antenna. The transmission is usually done at high power so that it can reach far and wide distances. At the receiving side the Television / Radio signals shall then be received by receiving antenna and then connected through a coaxial cable to your television. It is a physical cable that connects two or more pieces of equipment. 

Such cables are well-suited for different types of applications as-

  1. RF equipment in medicine and healthcare
  2. Satellite communications
  3. Military and space application
  4. Wired telephone and communication networks
  5. Mobile communication networks
  6. Radio communication systems
  7. Aerospace industry

Available in standard and low-loss performance versions, they deliver great performance for GSM/UHF/VHF/3G/4G/5G distribution and transmission. Some of their performance specifications are:  

  1. Impedance
  2. Maximum frequency
  3. PIM response
  4. Maximum power handling
  5. Return/insertion loss
  6. VSWR

What’s more, Astel RF Flex Feeder cables come with a highpower rating and offer excellent mechanical and environmental performance. These are available in different outer diameters. Astel RF Flex Feeder Cables offer lower VSWR, exceptional inter-modulation performance and perfect shielding effectiveness which can lead to reduced outer interference and less energy loss. By using them, you can easily handle different types of performance criteria that include RF power, voltage, temperature, and attenuation. If you are looking to buy these cables, then you should always approach a top supplier that offers great technical support and excellent customer service. 

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