What is the knowledge about enclosed bus duct and enclosed bus?

Posted by bruce zhu on October 19th, 2022

What is the knowledge about enclosed bus duct and enclosed bus?

Recently, many netizens have asked these questions, mainly about the enclosed bus duct and the enclosed Siemens bus bar machine. Considering that these questions are puzzling netizens, today I will give you a unified answer to share the relevant theoretical knowledge of the enclosed bus duct and the enclosed Siemens bus. I hope it can help you.

1. To understand the enclosed bus duct, simply put the cable into one of the iron boxes. However, the iron box is such a bus duct, and then cover it from the top to enclose the distribution cable inside. This busbar machine forms a relatively enclosed bus duct in China. In addition, the iron box is connected by several sections. The joint problem of each section of the iron box is connected with each other with flexible wires, Good grounding design link shall be done after Z to ensure no leakage and no harm to our daily management staff. In professional terms, the bus duct is a safety protection conductive equipment formed to realize the huge electric energy of some high-rise buildings and large workshops, which really plays a great role.

2. Considering that many people are also troubled by this problem, the small editor of Siemens Bus Co., Ltd. also tells us about this problem. First of all, busbar bending machine the enclosed bus includes the common box bus and the split phase bus. Its types are also diversified. You can pay attention to those who are interested in this aspect. The above contents are intended to help you. You must have seen here that you have some knowledge about enclosed bus duct and enclosed bus.

3. Special insulating materials usually use cross linked heat shrinkable insulation. Bus duct insulation, flame retardant, soft, long service life, simple operation. At the end of 1990s, air shrink tubes began to become popular. New insulating shrink materials were expanded and softened after being treated with special solvents. On the outside of the conductor, with the volatilization of the solvent, the sleeve automatically shrinks and firmly fixes the conductor. The ubiquitous air enables the casing to shrink evenly in all directions. Siemens bus does not need heating, baking fire, technical operators, operating tools only need a ruler, scissors, which can save manpower and heating equipment investment.

4. The connecting wire of bus duct with high-strength enclosure structure is sealed with enclosure, so the high requirements for enclosure structure are mainly reflected in two aspects.

(1) The overall economic structure of profiled steel plate formed by strength roller is designed, with high mechanical strength and rigidity and small volume. The shell can be connected by different welding or bolts between the parts connected with each other to ensure the electrical inertia of the bolt shell.

(2) Small current intensity, high-density structure, fixed length, can withstand larger rated value, short-term withstand current and rated peak heat resistance stress and electrical capacity caused by current.

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