Husky Standard Folding Frame Tanks: Necessary Equipment for Firemen

Posted by Angi Scorma on June 13th, 2016

A fireman’s job is one of the most demanding in the world, and there’s no hiding the fact that there are a lot of responsibilities on firemen’s shoulders. With tasks like bringing the ensuing fire under control, rescuing people as quickly as possible and ensuring minimal damage to property, there is no margin for error. So, it becomes all the more important for them to hone their skills and stay absolutely calm when pressure threatens to get the better of them. Additionally, equipments play an important role in aiding the firemen in completing their job with aplomb.

From safety accessories like helmets, gloves and hoods to tools like fire extinguishers, hose nozzles and hose testers, it is extremely important to arm yourself with the relevant equipments. This will not only ensure that you will complete your duties without experiencing any hassles, but also remain safe while you perform your tasks. Another equipment that is an integral part of a fireman’s arsenal is the portable folding water tanks. Used to transport the needed quantity of water to areas where utilities like hydrants and other water sources aren’t available, the folding tank makes it easier for you to transport water from one place to the other.

Husky has been known to produce the quality products that assist firemen all around the world. And it’s no different when it comes to portable water tanks, with the Husky Standard folding frame tanks coming to the firemen’s rescue where water sources are scarce. These portable folding tanks come in handy when storage space is a big constraint. What’s more, their easy lift handles make lifting and carrying the portable tanks an easy task. Additionally, the Husky water tanks can be set up easily, and in no time, taking only a few minutes to erect them up. And the quick release tube enables you to clear the water in a few seconds.

The Husky Standard folding frame tanks’ frames come in one of two makes: Steel or Aluminum. The steel frame offers your superior strength, with the Mig welded construction guaranteeing durability. On the other hand, the aluminium alternative has its advantages when it comes to being lighter and rust free. With custom sizes and designs available, you can get just the portable water tank you have been looking for. With such incredible benefits, as well as being loaded with features, you shouldn’t wait before any longer before ordering the portable water tank. Head to a website that sells fire rescue equipments, and look for double folding frame tanks for sale.

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