5 Types of Knee Sleeves and Braces

Posted by Gale Freeman on October 23rd, 2022

People wear knee sleeves and braces to prevent injuries and help them heal faster. When someone becomes injured, they first need to schedule an appointment with a doctor. Imaging studies and an examination will reveal the cause of pain and offer treatment. Learning about the types of knee braces will help injured people choose the right support for healing.

Five Types of Knee Braces

With so many supports and sleeves on the market, there is a type for almost every injury. Learning about the styles of braces is essential after an injury. Doctors may recommend the following for a patient's injured knee, depending on the severity and type of injury.

  • Compression sleeves offer the lowest level of support and protect knees from injuries. Sleeves can be worn by athletes or workers on the job. Compression sleeves help increase blood flow to the knee area and can help prevent pain.
  • There are also Hg80 knee braces. These braces provide consistent support and help with pain relief for conditions like arthritis. These supports also prevent improper knee movements.
  • A hinged knee brace becomes necessary when someone has a severe injury, such as an ACL tear. Hinged knee braces protect the knee from improper movements and offer extra protection against injuries.
  • Unloader braces are ideal for those suffering from chronic wear and tear conditions. People with arthritis need to reduce the strain placed on their painful knees. Unloader braces remove weight pressure from the knees and improve mobility.
  • Open patellar knee braces are a popular choice for people with knee injuries. The opening allows the patella to sit comfortably inside, permitting normal knee movement but preventing improper movements.

Discover the Right Support Today

Those with knee injuries need to learn about their options for treatment with a knee brace. There is a wide range of braces available on the market, and each of these shield the knee joint from damage.

Knee braces come in wrap, hinged, and compression styles. Before selecting a knee brace, it is essential individuals first seek their doctor to determine an injury diagnosis. The doctor will offer guidance to help individuals find the knee brace that will work best for their needs.

Wearing a knee brace offers comfort and protection after an injury or chronic wear and tear. With a knee brace, individuals will find they are less likely to experience improper movements that could cause further injuries to their already compromised knees.

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