Annealing Requirements for Stainless Steel Tubes

Posted by zora li on October 25th, 2022

1. Whether the annealing temperature reaches the specified temperature. seamless steel pipe generally adopts heat treatment to solve the heat treatment, which is commonly known as "annealing", and the temperature range is 1040 ~ 1120 ℃ (Japanese standard). The holes can also be observed through the annealing furnace. The annealing area of ​​the stainless steel tube should be incandescent, but there is no softening and sagging.

2. Annealing atmosphere. 304 stainless steel tube is generally used as an annealing atmosphere for pure hydrogen, and the purity of the atmosphere is preferably above 99.99%. If the atmosphere is another part of the inert gas, the purity can be lower, but it must not contain too much oxygen and water vapor.

3. Furnace seal. The seamless carbon steel pipe bright annealing furnace should be closed and isolated from the outside air; hydrogen is used as a protective gas, and only one exhaust port passes through (used to ignite the discharge of hydrogen). The inspection method can be used to wipe the joints of the annealing furnace with soapy water to see if gas escapes; one of the easiest places to run out of the furnace is the place where the pipe is inserted and discharged. The place where the ring is particularly easy to wear should be checked frequently and replaced regularly.

4. Protective gas pressure. In order to prevent micro-leakage of the 304 stainless steel tube, the furnace gas should maintain a certain positive pressure. If it is a hydrogen protective gas, it is generally required to be above 20kBar.

5. Water vapor in the furnace. On the one hand, it is necessary to check whether the charge is dry. In the first furnace, the charge must be dry; on the other hand, there is too much water stains left on the stainless steel pipe entering the furnace. If there are holes on the special pipe, do not leak in, otherwise the atmosphere in the furnace will be completely destroyed.

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