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Use the Best Combat Knife to Fight for Your Life

Posted by johnsonlucy25 on June 14th, 2016

Also referred to as assault knives, combat knives are specifically designed for military purposes. During the First World War, these fighting knives (known as trench knives at that time) were used by both sides on the Western front. Since the World War I, combat knives have been issued by armies of many countries.

Brilliant tool for survival, combat knives are used for close combat or hand-to-hand fighting. If you carry a combat knife, make sure it is of matchless quality. It is because then only you would be able to fight for your life and survive by all means. Also, know that carrying a good knife alone won’t help you survive. You would have to implement survival techniques and strategies in order to save yourself. For instance, if you in danger and possess a tough & durable combat knife, target soft areas of your opponent. Neck, face, stomach, and groin are the primary targets that remain uncovered. A strong attack on these areas will kill your opponent within no time. You can also attack secondary target areas like lower arms (nerves and veins), upper arms (brachial artery inside of upper arm), and legs (femoral artery on inside of leg). When it comes to the movement, make it a point to move constantly so that you opponent never comes straight on. Circling and re-adjusting constantly in 2, 4, 7, and 11 o'clock positions generally takes place in hand-to-hand combats. Also, while you try to engage the opponent, make sure you grasp the knife point upward, blade forward and in a way that the blade faces the opponent. The ESEE-5 combat knife is one of the best combat knives you can use. Tough, practical, and durable, ESEE-5 is a serious knife that can be used for both, combat and survival. You can also get the KA-BAR fighting knife that has oval shaped Kraton G elastomer handle epoxy powder coated high blades and a 7-inch blade length. Made using carbon steel and nylon material of superior quality, this rugged and durable fighting knife has its blades sharpened to 20 degrees. Rest assured, KA-BAR fighting knife would help you survive and win.

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