Why Modular Kitchen Is Important In Today’s Interior

Posted by shivam pandey on October 26th, 2022

Installing a modular kitchen is a one-time investment with lifelong benefits. A modular kitchen is designed for efficient use of available space. It helps to manage and unify storage, bins, containers, etc. It provides maximum comfort without compromises in appearance.

By considering your kitchen layout, including walls, doors and appliances, and consulting the best modular kitchen company in Kolkata, you can find the perfect kitchen layout for your home. The most common six-module kitchen layouts are:

  • L shape

  • straight line

  • U shape

  • Parallel or Galley

  • Island

  • G shape or peninsula

When it comes to design, finish, cost and quality, modular kitchens are arguably the best. If you want to avoid the hassle of carpenters and variable costs, contact an interior design company to make the final design choices for your kitchen.

Addressing various customer needs, modular designs begin to break down complex systems into simple blocks, simulating efficiency and flexibility on site. Here are a few reasons why modular kitchen models are a great addition to any home.


The new-age modular kitchen has become a popular addition to urban Indian homes because it can be customized to the homeowner's needs. The best modular kitchen company in Kolkata offers products that differ from ordinary carpentry products in that they are ergonomic, provide maximum storage, and are convenient. Since modular kitchens are manufactured in a factory, they must be planned in detail, as no changes can be made after the production of a modular kitchen.

Plan the arrangement

Depending on the size of the kitchen, choose a straight, L- or U-shaped layout that provides a good workflow. Make sure that the kitchen cabinets are not too high from the table. Otherwise, the upper cabinets will be complicated to reach. 

Choose kitchen appliances

In designing a kitchen, choose kitchen appliances that integrate into the composition according to their correct proportions. Enter a sufficient number of connection points for all devices.

Combination of colours

Choose one colour or use a two-tone scheme with contrasting colours. Consider a matte finish for kitchen cabinets, as glossy finishes tend to pick up fingerprints and smudges more easily.

This does not mean that you should blindly choose bright colours. Dark shades trap more heat, which can be problematic in the summer. Therefore, you can try to combine different shades and use different combinations. To make a choice easier, designers usually offer predetermined colour combinations. Also, ensure that your kitchen's colour blends well with your home's overall decor.

Cabinet Lighting

While the brightness and warmth of natural light can be beautiful in your kitchen, overhead lighting is also essential. Ensure the ceiling lights are above the table where most of the action occurs. C Cabinet lights are popular these days because they shine directly onto the table, which is excellent for cooking at night.

Safety first

Your kitchen must be a safe space to work. Therefore, constantly pay attention to the gas pipes and take the necessary measures so that gas flows do not bend the table's edges. The floor should be non-slip and allow easy cleaning of any spills or tears. Place things near the electrical panel and at an appropriate distance from the sink and gas stove.

Ventilation is important

Much heat is released in the kitchen during cooking. While a chimney and exhaust fan help move smoke and heat out of the kitchen, a door that opens to a balcony or laundry room is always helpful. This ensures proper air circulation in your kitchen, even when you are not cooking. It also prevents smoke from entering your home.


Due to their functional nature, modular kitchen designs allow customers to change the aesthetics of their kitchen at any time. With this design, customers can give their kitchen a completely new look.

Asian Interiors, the best modular kitchen company in Kolkata, excel in creating functional modular kitchens. Visit their website for more information.

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