Why Is Wood Shaker Door The Right Choice For Your Kitchen?

Posted by Cabinet Door Supply on October 26th, 2022

Shaker kitchen cabinets' popularity has fluctuated throughout the years. Shaker cabinets are straightforward, practical, and well-made, much like all Shaker designs and craftsmanship. Dovetail corners and doors with a form known as "frame and panel" are the two most defining aspects of the Shaker "style." wood shaker doors has a panel of wood on the front that is covered with a frame.

Although Shaker kitchen cabinets were first built of cherry, they are now available in most woods, allowing homeowners to select a wood that complements the rest of their home's decor or is native to their area. If handles or drawer pulls are added, they will often be knobs made of complementary wood or extremely basic hardware.

Shaker furniture has often been used plainly, without any "adornment." The Shakers prized straightforward, uncluttered lines in furniture, building, and other crafts. Their morals and ideas were in line with this fashion. The Shakers valued furnishings that were incorporated into the building. No room was wasted, and it was organized. Their furniture was quite practical, with plenty of shelves, doors, and drawers to safeguard the contents.

The Shakers were an 18th-century utopian Christian group that was mostly concentrated in communities in New England and the Northeastern region of the United States. Families, as they were known among Shakers, were groups of 30 to 100 people. Unlike other communities, they constructed their homes in a linear alignment, about a quarter of a mile apart. The "Millennial Laws governed every element of social life." This includes things like the way of life, marriage, employment, creativity, architecture, and more. Like their furniture, their structures were functional and had simple, elegant lines.

Dovetailed wood joints are used in furniture construction because durability is a must. These connectors, which are still present in Shaker kitchen cabinets, did not require glue or nails. In actuality, the wood could flex and shrink as one piece thanks to the dovetail connections. The end result was a joint that was unaffected by the wood's natural swelling and shrinking as a result of time and moisture.

The Shakers were renowned for more than just their straightforward, practical aesthetic. They also invented the ladder-back chair, which was so well-liked that a patent was required. The circular saw was also created as a result of their utilitarian goals.

Particularly prominent Shaker mdf for cabinet doors include New England, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and New York. They are frequently found in rural kitchens and residences with a rustic cottage appearance. They have gained a lot of popularity throughout the years due to their uncomplicated beauty. Even though the Shakers were well-known for using mainly Venetian red, blue, and other paint to decorate their cabinets, several manufacturers now produce Shaker cabinets in a variety of hues.

Shaker cabinets' huge popularity is partly due to their exceptional durability. Their elegance and simplicity are further factors. Shaker style is reputed to "never intrude, never invade, and never yell, "Look at me!" Due to their characteristics, shaker kitchen cabinets are perfect for various kitchen and home décor styles.

Shaker cabinets look especially lovely in any of the warm woods, including:

  •      Maple
  •      Chestnut
  •      Birch
  •      Honey Pine
  •      Butternut.

Shaker kitchen cabinets can be the ideal design for you whether you are restoring an outdated kitchen in a historic property or updating a more contemporary kitchen. Choosing Shaker cabinets might be the perfect finishing touch for your kitchen if you desire warmth, simplicity, and utility with superb design and high-quality craftsmanship.

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