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Posted by Rentakitchen on October 26th, 2022

Efficiency is crucial when managing a commercial kitchen. Back-of-house employees must be able to carry out their tasks without obstructing one another. This is especially valid if you're working out of a ghost kitchen or another small area.

Did you know that the layout of a commercial kitchen can have a big impact on how well your kitchen works and produces?

You may make the most of your kitchen's available space by setting it up properly, which will improve teamwork, food preparation, and cooking. Therefore, here are two types of commercial kitchen for sale.

An assembly line setup

The construction of an assembly line arrangement is designed to facilitate meal assembling. This is frequently used for catering, high-volume production, or in-demand goods. Food preparation begins at one end of the "line," and by the time it reaches the other, the dish is ready.

This kitchen workflow is linear and looks like this: Ingredients are prepared and arranged in the first section. The line continues into the kitchen from there. The plating or packaging station comes next.

This configuration typically places the washing station and storage space behind the line so that they are out of the way.

Zoning structure

The kitchen is divided into zones using this type of layout depending on the meal being prepared. Each station is separate from the others and frequently organised based on the sort of commercial kitchen appliances or meal preparation necessary for that particular type of food. You can concentrate on putting together a large variety of menu items with a zone layout. Additionally, the service area is often closest to the exit door whereas the sink and storage facilities are typically closest to the entrance.

However, you may also get industrial warehouse for lease Sydney or kitchens for rental properties.

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