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Posted by Danyking on June 14th, 2016

Hello, WOW players! Here comes a piece of good news! After Patch 7.0 of Legion in WOW, Blizzard will add more Iron Juggernaut pets in four different colors, grey, teal, green, and blue. Now, an excellent player, BENDAK has found the way of taming the Iron Juggernaut pet after many hours of searching. Now, let Safewow, which offers cheap wow gold with instant delivery, tell you the specific process. Iron Juggernaut pets are fairly noisy pets, and they are about the same size as a regular scorpid pet.

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Step 1: To collect “Pile of Juggernaut Parts” from Iron Juggernaut
Firstle, you need to set the raid difficulty to Normal or higher. Then you need to kill Immerseus, the Protectors, Norushen, Sha of Pride, Galakras, and Iron Juggernaut. The first part “Pile of Juggernaut Parts” that you need will drop from Iron Juggernaut.

Step 2: To collect “Blackfuse’s Power Core” from Siegecrafter Blackfuse   
In step 2, you need to collect “Blackfuse’s Power Core” by killing Siegecrafter Blackfuse. Then the second part you need will drop off Siegecrafter Blackfuse.

Step 3: To find four buckets of paint: Green, Blue, Teal, and Grey
Buckets of paint are very small and hardly to be found. Also they are all in very inconspicuous corners.

After you kill the Dark Shaman, you should keep going until you get into the underground area of Orgrimmar where you will find the first bucket of paint (Green color). Then you go on to kill General Nazgrim, and underneath Malkorok you will find the second paint bucket (Blue color). And then you start the Spoils of Pandaria encounter. You will find the Teal color paint bucket in the western corner. After you kill Thok the Bloodthirsty and the Paragons of the Klaxxi, you will find the final bucket (Grey color) in the passageway between Paragons and Garrosh.
See the maps below for the exact locations of the four paint buckets mentioned above.

Step 4: To Craft and tame the Juggernaut Pet
Once you have got “Pile of Juggernaut Parts”, “Blackfuse’s Power Core” and one color buckets of paint, you can start to craft and tame a Juggernaut Pet. You need to right-click the appropriate paint bucket and it will create a Deactivated Juggernaut. Then you need to summon the juggernaut itself. The juggernaut will be neutral and won’t attack until you start taming it. Only the Hunter who summoned the Juggernaut can tame it, and no one else can attack it.

1. If you are Goblins and Gnomes, you can tame the Iron Juggernaut pet immediately in Patch7.0. Other races will need to acquire a Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix from an engineer after Legion launches.
2. The boss drops can only be obtained once per week.
3. You can only craft one per week per Hunter even if you run SoO on multiple difficulties.

After all the above four steps, you will have your new pet in Legion. By the way, buying gold in wow from Safewow also needs only a few steps. It’s cheap, fast and most importantly safe. Welcome!

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