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BEST BY FAR – Warriors

Everyone knew Warriors were going to be the best in Vanilla, in TBC it was considered by the casuals and a few Pserver players that Warriors would be bad but top speedrun guilds were already talking about stacking Warriors for speedrunning before TBC launched, it was obvious to anyone with real TBC knowledge that due to recklessness, cleave and low boss HP numbers that Warriors were going to be strong from P1 in a good physical raid setup.

In WOTLK though we already know that in Ulduar Fury was kinda "bleh" outside of cleave due to the nerfs, and it's probably likely that both Arms and Fury are going to be lacking until probably close to T8 BIS gear, though still good on cleave. It won't be like T4 where Warriors can top almost every fight.

MID TIER – Rogue, Shaman, Mage, Druid, Hunter, Shadow Priest

When it comes to the majority of the remaining classes, their performance is more or less the same, and it usually depends on the encounter. In the fourth spot, there is the Assassination Rogue with a score of 104, followed by Enhancement Shaman with 102, and then the other good Rogue spec, Combat, with 102.

From there on, the classes perform as follows:

Frost Death Knight – 101
Arcane Mage -100
Balance Druid – 100
Survival Hunter – 99
Destruction Warlock – 98
Fire Mage – 97
Elemental Shaman – 95
Marksmanship Hunter – 94
Shadow Priest – 94
Feral Druid – 91

As you can see, pretty much everything under the score of 100 in Phase one is a class that highly relies on certain stats, and while they might not be performing the best now, as the WotLK Items get better, the DPS will come with it.

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