Introduction to CPAP Accessories & Supplies: What You Must Know

Posted by Alvin Smith on October 28th, 2022

CPAP machine accessories connect to your CPAP machine and allow you to receive CPAP treatment.  Some supplies are mandatory while others are optional and can be used when required. 

Every CPAP machine is unique and some CPAP machine parts may not be compatible with some machines.  That is why, you should consult your supplier before purchasing CPAP equipment.  Once you have brought your CPAPsupplies, remember that they need to be replaced regularly as they are in direct contact with the body or are exposed to high levels of moisture. 


A CPAP machine has three parts-a motor, hose and mask. 

MOTOR: The motor pulls air in from the room and pressurizes it.  Some machines also come with a water tank that moisturizes the air.  Since CPAP machine partsare used for treating insomnia and other sleep disorders, they run quietly and do not interrupt sleep. 

HOSE: The CPAP hose also called the tubing connects the CPAP machine to the mask.  They are available in different sizes to suit your sleeping style or bedroom setup.  Some hoses are heated or insulated to reduce condensation build up.   

MASK:There are different types of CPAP that you can get in the market.  Some cover only the nose while other cover just the mouth.  There are also some masks that are connected to external mouth devices. 

HUMIDIFIER: Humidifier are optional cpap accessories Australiathat increases the level of moisture in the air delivered through the maskMany CPAP users complain of symptoms like dry mouth and nose after using CPAP machines.  Using a humidifier solves this problem in areas with low moisture level.  Many humidifiers can be adjusted by increasing the heat of the water tank. 

CHIN STRAPS: Chin straps are used to keep the mouth closed during CPAP treatment.  If you breathe in and out through your mouth while sleeping, then you will find using chin straps helpful. 

CPAP CLEANING SUPPLIES: When purchasing CPAP machines, it is also important to find the right cleaning supplies to go along with itCPAP machine parts require regular maintenance and cleaning as a dirty CPAP machine can lead to a build-up of bacteria and Mould which can cause respiratory infections.  


Most insurance companies partially cover the costs of CPAP machines and its related equipment.  Though the machines are covered to a certain extent, you may be responsible for CPAP machine parts like tubing.  Replacement parts are also covered but there is a limit as in how many replacements can be purchased in a year.  Many insurances providers cover your equipment only after you pay your annual deductible. 

You can getCPAP accessories Australiafrom My.CPAPoffer the widest range of CPAP accessories in Australia to suit the different needs of a CPAP machine.Whether you want to replace the tubing, cleaning supplies, battery, software or other machine parts, you can get them online from major brands like Phillips Respironics, ResMed Australia, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Devilbiss,BMC,Transcend,Apex and Weinmannat MyCPAP. 

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