What are the advantages of Progressive Web Apps over Native Apps for Businesses?

Posted by techmobius on October 28th, 2022

What are the advantages of Progressive Web Apps over Native Apps for Businesses?

Statista stats show that over 60% of all internet consumption nowadays is done on mobile devices. Its portability, affordability, and convenience of internet access are its main drivers. In this context, UX assumes a significant role, and progressive web app development can help to improve UX by optimizing websites for mobile devices.

Progressive Web Apps are programs that offer websites responsive to mobile devices.

PWAs allow consumers to download content whenever and wherever they visit and provide access to it via browsers. In contrast to Progressive web apps, which are designed for use in a browser, native app development is appropriate for a particular platform. Although PWAs don't control the entire hardware of the device, they perform nearly identically to native apps in functionality.

Following are the benefits of progressive web app development services over native apps.

1) Simple and affordable service

It's simple and affordable to develop PWAs. In order to create progressive web apps, programmers just need to maintain one code base. This cuts down on the total amount of time and money spent developing PWAs. Because of this, PWAs are an appropriate choice for new or small businesses.

Native app development, on the other hand, is a laborious and complicated process. To create apps that work across a variety of browsers, web development companies or developers must write code for the iOS and Android platforms.

2) Conversion rate

Developers must first download and install the application in order to use native apps. Before downloading any apps, users read the ratings and reviews. Therefore, there is a chance that people will overlook your app if it has unimpressive ratings and reviews in the app stores.

On the other hand, users must adhere to a few straightforward steps in order to access progressive web apps. They only need to add the PWAs to their home screens. Top web development companies in UK prefer advanced web app development services.

3) Lightweight by nature

PWAs typically weigh 350 kb, compared to 11.5 Mb and 37.9 Mb for iOS and Android apps, respectively. PWAs are lightweight and speedy since they are comparatively lower in size than apps made for iOS and Android.

PWAs don't require lengthy download periods like native applications do, and consumers may download the app directly to their smartphone without having to go through Google Play or the App Store. This makes it preferable to top web development companies.

4) Support for several platforms

Progressive web applications are created to operate seamlessly on the web platform, as their name suggests. Users of Android and iOS can therefore quickly utilize PWA and its various functionalities.

Native apps are designed to support only iOS or Android. Therefore, depending on the operating system the app was developed on, native apps can only support a single platform.


This blog will assist business owners and entrepreneurs in making allocations that are better for their companies. Businesses favor Progressive Web Apps over Native Apps, indicating that progressive web apps have a promising future in the tech industry. Contact a web application development companies that comprehend your clients' wants as well as the needs of your organization before moving forward with the development of progressive web apps. The business should be able to suggest the ideal framework for developing your app based on your budget and app strategy.

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