Liquid Packaging: An uncompromised necessity in the FMCG market

Posted by Nichrome India Ltd on October 29th, 2022

One of the most complex yet often overlooked packaging in the industry is the packing of liquid products. You can always influence your audience with quality packaging that makes you stand out from the other competitors. The growth in the demand for the liquid FMCGs has also increased the demand for the quality of its packaging

A report published by Allied Market Research estimated that the global liquid packaging market was worth 1.8 billion and is expected to hit 3.2 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 4.5% from 2020 to 2027.

The growth in demand for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), the rise in e-commerce activities and food delivery services, and a spurt in the demand for lightweight and sustainable packaging all work to power the growth of the global liquid packaging industry.

Considerations for Liquid Packaging

Prior to the products hitting the shelves, packaging and processing facilities must be set up to ensure that the product remains free of contaminants and potential spoilage before consumption.

Packaging design is highly important in keeping products protected from contamination and spoilage, but liquids foods need to be protected even prior to the packaging process.

It is important to utilize effective packaging equipment throughout the process to ensure that the products remain safe at all times. In the case of liquid food packaging lines, such equipment consists of reliable liquid filling machines and related packaging equipment specially designed to handle the product.

Nichrome’s superior capabilities are most apparent in its liquid packaging solutions.

Nichrome’s Liquid Packaging Solutions

The first technology developed by Nichrome was in liquid packaging back in 1977. Responding to the Government’s call for cost-effective indigenous milk packaging technology to support the White Revolution, Nichrome designed and manufactured India’s first indigenous milk pouch packaging machine.

In the present day, after 40+ years, Nichrome possesses a versatile range of machines and solutions that are capable of meeting the packaging requirements of a diverse range of liquid substances. Nichrome has a durable, high-quality solution for every liquid packaging need – whether water packaging machines, milk filling machines, edible oil filling machines, or machinery to package juices, lassi, health drinks, beverages, wines etc.

Why pick Nichrome for Liquid Packaging?

With numerous liquid packaging machine manufacturers in the market, why would you choose Nichrome?

Some clear reasons are:

  •            Range

Nichrome offers a vast portfolio of liquid packaging machinesin both VFFS and HFFS formats. The VFFS offerings from Nichrome are:

  •            Filpack Servo 6K
  •            Filpack Servo 12K
  •            Filpack Universal
  •            Filpack CMD Alpha
  •            Filpack CMS 5L
  •            Multilane PV 215

Nichrome’s advanced linear technology HFFS offerings are:

  •            T110
  •            T140
  •            T170
  •            Pick Fill Seal Machine

Nichrome’s offerings also include bottle filling machines and tin filling lines for liquids.

  •            Cost-effectiveness

Nichrome is dedicated to offering the most advanced packaging technology for Food, Pharma and other relevant industries. Nichrome is capable of delivering top quality at competitive prices with its own R&D centre, manufacturing and testing facilities.

  •            High ROI

Nichrome proactively supports customers from consultation and customized machine development to the production of the packaging machine, backing it up with extensive after-sales service.

Some hallmarks of Nichrome’s packaging solutions are High production rates, optimum accuracy, and consistent pouch quality as per the client’s requirements.

Nichrome’s automatic packaging machines are fast and accurate, which improves time to market and the shelf life for enhanced retail value. The sum of these factors results in a high return on investment.

  •            Unmatched Expertise

With 40+ years of experience in producing automated packaging solutions for a wide array of industries and applications, Nichrome’s adaptable, high-quality and flexible range of packaging machines have earned the trust of many renowned brands in the market.

  •            Customizability

Nichrome’s ability to customize solutions to suit both your product and production facility is a convincing reason to make it your partner for liquid packaging. Nichrome can offer trendy solutions – whether you want your pouches in unique shapes or with special spouts or sealing options. Nichrome can tailor the ideal machine according to your space and budget restrictions.


As a renowned Packaging Machine Manufacturer in India, Nichrome has developed a wealth of experience over 40+ years of operations across India and many countries across the globe.

Nichrome has developed an adaptable range of liquid filling machines and automatic oil filling machines for liquid packaging and oil packaging that can meet the particular needs of a wide range of liquids.

Nichrome offers a dependable, high-performance solution that will be instrumental to any liquid packaging operation – flexible pouches in diverse formats, glass and plastic bottles and tins. Nichrome offers its customers complete and comprehensive support, right from consultation and development, to the production of the machine, installation, commissioning, and prompt after-sales service. This is another valid reason to go with Nichrome for your liquid packaging requirements.

Nichrome’s Intergarted Packaging System also includes the following manufactures machines that provide you a quality driven packing for your products. Our manufacturing machines includes; tin can filling and sealing machine, bottle capping machine, cartoning machine, carton box packing machine, shrink wrapping machine.

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