How to Ask About Salary in an Interview

Posted by Local Skill on October 29th, 2022

When would it be OK to bring up pay in an interview? Attempting to bring money up during the initial interview might seem one of the most awkward things to do. Yes, we all have to make ends meet, which is why we choose to work. People have different views. Here, however, are some great pointers for bringing up the subject of pay during an interview.

Figures and mental readiness are essential.

There is a market value for each job description in every field. To begin a discussion about a possible wage, you need to set a target that is competitive with the market.

This can help you understand the new job's compensation structure. Doing in-depth market research might also be helpful if you're thinking about making a job change. You'll be better positioned to come up with questions and answers specific to your field and organisation.

Think About What Matters to You

A job's incentives and compensation extend well beyond monetary gain, and can take the shape of employee perks such as health insurance, retirement savings programs, paid time off, and more. Though the company's starting salary might not be as high as you'd like, evaluating other benefits is important. Keep an eye out for any additional benefits that might be thrown into the mix.

Stay on the Level

Salary inquiries are not a joke during the interview process. A businesslike demeanour is required when dealing with such a sensitive issue. You want to make sure you bring this up with the proper demeanour so that it shows you care about your position at the company and want to move the conversation along in the right way.

You should show some grace when asking about remuneration during the interview. This suggests that you must select your words and expressions to avoid sending the incorrect signal.

We recognize the discomfort that may be felt when bringing up financial concerns. The following are some suggestions for bringing the subject into the open:

Time It Right

To ask about salary during an interview, you need to do so with finesse, including knowing the appropriate time to pop the question.

You should never lead off an interview with a salary question. Something else entirely if the interviewer or IT jobs recruitment agency brings it up. But it's a bad start for the interviewee to bring it up right away.

Introduce the question only after you've established your qualifications for the position and the interviewer is interested in hearing more from you.

When the question of when to start arises, it's a good time to broach the subject of perks.

Before asking about salary, you should demonstrate why you're a valuable addition to the company. Show the interviewer or IT recruitment agency that money isn't your only motivation for wanting the job. Rather than giving a specific number, give a salary range that reflects your understanding of the position's responsibilities. Doing so will demonstrate your willingness to agree.


In conclusion, asking about salary during an interview isn’t wrong. But if you have to do it, do it properly. If you want to show that you're interested in more than just a paycheck, use these strategies at your next interview.

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