How Life Coaching Brings Life Transition for Women?

Posted by Elizabeth Murphy on June 15th, 2016

As a woman, are you struggling in striking a balance between home and work responsibilities? Do you get a sense that your family and colleagues take you for granted and don’t value your contribution? Do you feel stuck and get a sense that you are not fully living your life? Things that you had set out to do when you were young like travelling, exercising, or taking up a hobby may have all been pushed back. You seem to be going through a rough patch, a mid-life crisis of sorts, but it does not have to define who you are. If any of these seem to resonate with you, then it may be time to consider life coaching.

Life coaching - what exactly might that be? Well, life coaching is the process of partnering with a professional mentor, a coach who assists and partners with you, a support structure of sorts that can help you to get more out of life. A life coach for women is an expert who helps women transition through changes and serves as a catalyst to lead a happier fulfilling life. The life coach guides you to produce fulfilling results in your personal and professional life.

The life coach is like an objective friend with whom you can sit and discuss your innermost thoughts, worries, anxieties, your state of life, and relationships in an honest and transparent manner. They are like a sounding board who will patiently listen to you without any judgement. They will guide you to find your unique formula for a happy life.

Life coaching helps you navigate your way through difficult life situations. Where you would normally give up and accept life as it is, a coach can enable you to take on the challenges head-on. Whether it is moving past personal obstacles, overcoming fears, adopting a healthy lifestyle, engaging in life post-retirement, or being in healthy relationships with one’s children, spouse, and extended family – life coaching helps in turning your life around.

It helps address issues like improving communication skills, parenting, procrastination, and a negative self-image. Even if you feel lost and don’t know what you want, life coaching will prove to be a guiding lamp. Life coaches, in conjunction with you and your aspirations, support in coming up with a personal mission statement with goals, and then working towards achieving them. They assist in defining the purpose of life and help uncover hidden passions. A life coach will help bring forth the creativity you already possess. She will help you manoeuvre through personal problems, prioritise expectations, assist with career decisions, and help you attain goals that you are trying to reach.

Life coaching supports in effective transition through different life stages. It will jump start your life until you achieve your dreams and make the most of life.

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About Change Coaching is an endeavour started by the renowned life and career coach, Elizabeth Murphy. The motive behind this website is to help women in the workforce aged 35-49 years of age in sorting out their everyday life problems. Elizabeth provides one on one coaching service for individuals to help them realise their personal and career goals.

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