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Posted by UbiBot on October 31st, 2022

The use of IoT Based on smart agriculture monitoring technologies, there are numerous advantages. Through real-time data alerts on their mobile devices, these remote crop, orchard, facility, and livestock monitoring systems can assist agriculture managers, farmers, and ranchers in knowing immediately if something is wrong. Additionally, they may lower expenses, optimize maintenance, increase efficiency, increase agricultural yields, maintain the health of livestock, and do a lot more with useful insights from trending data. 

How Is It Helpful for Agriculture?

Monitoring activities, crops, and livestock linked to the Internet of Things is simple (IoT). Knowing that gates or doors are closed will help you protect cattle and important items. To maintain the welfare of the cattle, check the temperatures and airflow in enclosures such as coops and barns. To ensure optimal growing conditions, keep an eye on the amount of PAR light in greenhouses. 

Features of UbiBots Products

All UbiBot's products have common features in common. They first make it easier to monitor a variety of environmental variables, such as Wireless Vibration Sensors, ambient light, etc. In addition to the devices' internal sensors, they offer external probes for usage in harsh settings like a cold room, a greenhouse with high humidity, etc. Additionally, they enable warnings in case there are facility modifications that require attention. You can keep an eye on everything that is happening in the room or facility while you are gone because the remote monitoring devices offer round-the-clock monitoring and synchronize data on the cloud in real time. A single click can accomplish all of this on your phone, PC, or tablet, a single click can accomplish all of this.

How Is It for Farming and Agriculture? 

Any farmer's first concern is the continued health and well-being of their livestock and crops. On a farm or ranch, there are many things to be concerned about when it comes to temperature monitoring because there are so many different types of equipment, animal care structures, and agricultural facilities. As the weather changes and doors open and close, the inside environmental conditions and covered outside cattle enclosure conditions might alter significantly. No matter what location you're monitoring, such as animal pens, greenhouses, or barns, the UbiBot is only one way to guarantee that you'll be informed the moment climate conditions change in an unfavorable way.

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