The difference between the wall thickness of seamless carbon steel pipe

Posted by zora li on October 31st, 2022

The most common defect of seamless carbon steel pipe is uneven wall thickness. For example, carbon steel pipe, the thickness deviation of the capillary punch is at least 7.5%, the elongation is reduced to 4.5%, the diameter is increased to 7%, and then the tension is reduced to 4.5%.

Reasons for the performance of seamless steel pipe wall thickness deviation:
Hole deviation during punching
Because the centering roller of the first support frame between the punching head and the punching plunger of the punching machine forms a cantilever structure, so that the punching head beats irregularly during punching, so the force in the inner tube of the punching machine is uneven. , resulting in wall thickness deviation.

Manufacture of precision equipment and structures
Due to the poor stability of the perforation roller and the guide plate, the equipment has a large jump during perforation, which affects the pipe thickness of the equipment manufacturer; the old structure and the roller on the centering roller are generally because the lower roller is not driven by the mechanism, so the centering roller , When the center is actually installed and adjusted, it is theoretically difficult to determine the center. uniform, poor stability, resulting in deviation of the wall.

Tube heating process
The heating tube is very important. If the heating tube is not uniformly heated, the negative surface will be discontinuous, so that the perforator will be offset during perforation, and blockage will occur, resulting in a thick and thin wall of the capillary on the low temperature side.

Cut the tube
The quality of pipe cutting quality will also have a great influence on the deviation of pipe wall thickness, because the quality of the cutting edge cut by the shearing machine is not high, and the section like a horse will cause serious instant punching machine head bite and slip into production. section, and thickness deviation caused by eccentricity.

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