This is How You Position Coffee Table Sets like a Pro

Posted by Aakriti Art Creations on October 31st, 2022

Need and luxury are two important concepts that influence furniture shopping. And the best items of furniture combine both luxury and practical usage, without being too expensive.

Coffee Table Sets are a simple example. But unless you position them correctly in your living room, there’s no point in buying one.

And so today, we’ll focus on the issue so you can have the best furniture arrangement.

The Sofa is Important

You may buy the coffee table and end table sets or any of these individually. Either way, the sofa set you have at home is going to play a role in their selection.

For instance, both coffee and an end table are sofa accessories.And therefore they have to be the same height as that of the sofa (a difference of 1-2 inches is acceptable).

This makes them easy to reach out to, while the overall setup looks great.

The general rule for placing a coffee table is at the centre. But sofas are also of various kinds too aren’t they?

Like if you’ve got an L-sectional couch, the coffee table will have to be placed as if tucked into the horizontal section of the sofa, even if that places it off-centre.

And ofcourse, the colour of the coffee table and end table sets have to match that of the couch. It can be identical, a similar shade or something completely contrasting, depending on the overall arrangement.

The Suitable Shape Depends on The Size of The Room

End tables are usually small, so their size is not big a concern. However, when it comes to coffee tables, you must take heed of the size of the room.

To make things simpler, if you’ve got a smaller room, then a round coffee table and end table(s) accompanying it would be right. Most people would be fine with a rectangular coffee tableset of 4, while square ones are suitable in bigger rooms.

Easy to Reach, But Not in The Way

Most homeowners think that a coffee table completes their living room. However, if not placed correctly, even the fanciest coffee table sets look more like an obstacle – and that is the worst fate these can suffer.

How to prevent that? Simple, by keeping the coffee table in a way that it is easily reachable, and yet there’s enough legroom for anyone on the sofa. The ideal distance between the two would be 12-18 inches.

And end tables can be placed closer than the coffee table, but not uncomfortably so.

Traditional Wooden Coffee and End Tables Suit Most Households

And if you think your home could do with a touch of traditional and elegant furniture, Aakriti Art Creations can offer you the most unique coffee table sets.

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