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Posted by eliasmarc on October 31st, 2022

There are various weight loss surgeries available to people depending on their body mass index( BMI) and if they've got certain medical conditions. There are benefits and risks to consider for each type of surgery, so it's important to discuss these with a medical professional.

Who are weight loss surgeries for?
Surgery may also be suitable for individuals who have tried different nonsurgical methods to reduce excess weight Albuquerque New Mexico that hasn't been successful.

A person with a BMI of 35–39 ( Class 2) can also qualify if they have an obesity-related condition that can be resolved or ameliorated with the surgery. These include

Heart disease
High blood pressure
Severe sleep apnea
Adipose liver
Certain types of cancer, such as pancreatic cancer and colon cancer,
The ASMBS has suggested lowering the threshold for bariatric surgery for individuals with a BMI of 30–34 ( Class 1). This is also grounded in a person’s preference, the presence of conditions such as gastroesophageal influx disease( GERD), type 2 diabetes, or blood sugars that are uncontrolled by medications.

Surgery may involve the following methods:
Restriction These procedures make the stomach lower and help decelerate digestion. By reducing the amount of food the stomach can hold, this method may help reduce a person’s food intake as it decreases calorie intake.
Malabsorption This type of procedure shortens or alters the structure of the digestive tract. This causes food to bypass or bypass portions of the tract, which limits the nutrients and calories absorbed by the body.
Mixed(restorative and malabsorptive) These procedures beget malabsorption and also limit food input.
Reduction of hunger hormones These are newer procedures that focus on reducing the production of the hunger hormone, which is produced in the stomach and sent to the hypothalamus in the brain.

People who have endured unprofitable nonsurgical methods for weight loss can try bariatric surgery. Still, they need to meet specific criteria to qualify. Currently, weight loss surgery is only for people with BMIs of 35 and over.
Each type of surgery comes with its own risk of side effects and complications. People must discuss their options with their doctors and find the most applicable type of surgery that meets their requirements.

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