Indications and Usage of Norditropin pen

Posted by Riley Lawton on November 2nd, 2022

Norditropin Pen is a form of human growth hormone which is significant for the growth of bones and muscles. Norditropin Pen is used to treat growth failure who lack natural growth hormone and the Norditropin pen price is also reasonable. This includes people with shorter stature due to Noonan syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, shorter stature at birth with no catch-up growth, & other causes.

Norditropin injection is indicated for the treatment of patients with:

  •          growth failure due to deficient secretion of the endogenous growth hormone
  •          shorter stature associated with Noonan syndrome and shorter stature associated with Turner syndrome,
  •          Norditropin is indicated for the replacement of endogenous GH in adults with the growth hormone deficiency


Norditropin is contraindicated in:

    Acute critical illness after heart surgery, abdominal surgery, numerous accidental traumas, or that severe respiratory failure due to the risk of bigger mortality with the use of pharmacological doses of somatropin.

  •          Lively Malignancy
  •          Reaction to Norditropin or any of its excipients. Systemic hypersensitivity responses have been reported with post-marketing use of products
  •          Active proliferative or simple non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy

 Sudden death in pediatric patients has been reported after initiating treatment with one or more of the following risk factors severe obesity, history of higher airway obstruction, or unidentified respiratory infection. Evaluate patients for symbols of upper airway obstruction & sleep apnea before initiation of treatment.

Enlarged risk of neoplasms: Monitor patients with pre-existing tumors for recurrence. Patients with certain rare genetic causes of shorter stature have an increased risk of developing malignancies & should be carefully monitored for the development of neoplasms.

How to use Norditropin Pen?

Your dose and brand, and how often you use it will depend on the form you are treating. Follow all directions on your label and read all medication guides or instruction sheets. Use the medication exactly as directed. Norditropin Pen is injected into a muscle or under the skin. A healthcare worker can teach you how to correctly use the medication by yourself. Do not inject it under the skin in the same place two times in a row. Read & carefully follow any Instructions provided with your medicine and the Norditropin pen price is reasonable. Do not use Norditropin Pen if you do not understand all instructions for correct use. Ask your doctor if you have questions and prepare your injection only when you are prepared to give it. Do not use it if it looks cloudy, and call your pharmacist for new medicine. If your medication comes with a syringe or injection pen, use only that particular device to give your medicine. You may want frequent medical tests and also follow any diet plan created for you by your doctor or by your nutrition counsellor to help to control your condition.

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