How seamless carbon steel pipe is fireproof

Posted by zora li on November 3rd, 2022

The daily use of the seamless carbon steel pipe factory is caused by many post-processing procedures. Anyway, this situation will occur. The specific heat of the return process, the steel is heated to 750 degrees, and the heat is slowly cooled to 500 degrees for some time, and finally in the air Medium cooling is called annealing ball. The purpose is to reduce the hardness of the steel and improve the cutting performance, mainly for high carbon steel. The main purpose of normalized seamless pipe is to refine the structure, improve the performance of the steel, and approach the equilibrium state of the structure.

The steel is heated to a temperature above the critical point (the quenching temperature of 45 steel is 840-860°C, and the quenching temperature of carbon tool steel is 760-780°C), kept for a certain period of time, and then cooled in water (oil) to obtain a process called quenching. martensitic or bainite heat treatment process.

The unstable tempered components of kg/m㎡ cannot be determined, so the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) is also used to determine the tensile properties of tempered components above 400℃ through tests (there are also workpieces tempered at 300℃). In other words, the reversed (+400°C tempering) tensile test is only performed on the mass. The industry only requires rotational bending fatigue resistance and wear resistance when tempered parts are used. Induction hardening and case hardening are suitable for this case. Tensile stress of parts without low temperature tempering. However, in low carbon steel, quenching and self-tempering M (as high as the Ms point) can occur, and the user is also in a quenched state. All the measures taken by the steel mill and the requirements for returning parts have been prepared. The specific measures are to update the requirements of several quenching devices, and there is no feeling of seamless steel pipes as a whole.

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