Are you Using a Dashcam for the Live Streaming of Video? Offers a Better Solution for Your E-commerce Logistics Fleet

Posted by drivebuddyAI on November 3rd, 2022

Dash cams which are also known as dash cameras are an invaluable and highly effective safety tool for commercial fleets. There are a number of objectives that dashcams help fulfil but they are generally installed to provide increased visibility into the on-road safety of fleet vehicles. Fleet companies now use cameras to increase visibility across the fleet, for managing drivers and as a part of surveillance. Dashcam footage can also be used for driver coaching and in case of on-road accidents, to provide evidence for insurance purposes.

In addition to the facility to record video, several dashcams also offer a live-streaming feature. Live streaming allows users to view live video from the dashcam remotely and in real-time. A fleet manager could use his online dashboard to stream live footage from a dashcam installed on a fleet vehicle directly on his computer.

Practically going beyond just dashcams

The ability to refer to and analyze real-time data and make immediate changes to your fleet’s operation is key to business success. Modern fleet management necessitates the tracking of a large number of trucks and vehicles. With hundreds of trips, drivers, locations, varying fuel consumption, toll fees, insurance claims and service and maintenance records, this task quickly becomes overwhelming for fleet managers. There is very little scope for mistakes as they can have a cascading effect on the whole fleet.

In the recent past, fleet managers used basic GPS-based vehicle tracking devices that only provided location and speed information. A number of fleets have taken a step beyond just fleet GPS tracking, with the installation of dashcams (costing between Rs 2,000 - Rs 20,000) which act as digital video recorders that capture on-road video and in-cabin video for driver behaviour monitoring of a running vehicle. Though, do you really have the time to peruse hundreds of hours of videos?

Just imagine, you’re a fleet owner/manager and managing a fleet size of 500 vehicles. Do you really think, you’ll be able to look at video streams from 500 vehicles and take necessary actions for any driver/vehicle if required? Practically it’s not possible!

So what’s the better way?

This is where AI shows its efficacy. AI can watch, monitor and analyze in-vehicle videos in real-time and alert drivers for any risk conditions which avoids the need for monitoring for fleet managers and works as an assistant for the fleet managers as well. It also analyzes vehicle telematics data to provide fleet managers with a driver score that equips them with the knowledge of driving behaviour and patterns.

Revolutionize your fleet management with drivebuddyAI

drivebuddyAI’s AI-powered vehicle telematics platform and fleet management system allows businesses to not only see the right data when needed but also spot irregularities that would slip by human operators; to help fleets operate at their optimum potential. The system comes with features such as driver drowsiness detection systems, driver fatigue detection and collision warning systems.


drivebuddyAI’s ADAS camera comes with not only dashcam features but it’s also intelligent enough to instruct drivers to comply with specific pre-decided protocols. It ensures the safety of the driver, vehicle and high value critical goods enroute and alerts drivers in case of drowsiness, distractions, tailgating, collision warning. Along with that, it can also generate alerts for specific set of protocols like - no more than 6 hours of continuous driving for one driver, halting at every 2 hours during midnight driving etc - which can be risk mitigation practices followed globally by fleets.

The drivebuddyAI platform then generates alerts & notifications in case any of the compliances are not being followed by the drivers and fleet managers can also take necessary actions. It technically reduces the effort of fleet managers for manually managing each driver, vehicle, compliance & safety all together which is a nearly impossible task for a human.

Thus, drivebuddyAI offers much more - as an assistant - not only for drivers to ensure safety but also for fleet managers to ensure compliance by all drivers.



It is evidently clear that drivebuddyAI’s driver & fleet safety platform and fleet management system bring concrete and quantifiable safety and economical benefits that extend to the efficiency provided by increased safety and reduced TATs.

During the rush of Diwali & upcoming rush for Christmas, ensure you achieve the most optimized TAT from your fleet and the opportunity to do better business in the e-commerce industry.

Adopting AI & technology can solve many problems at once - you just need to opt for it and try giving it a chance - over conventional methods of using just video recorder dashcams. drivebuddyAI is undisputed as the ‘AI Assistant for All’ in the domain of fleet management.

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