Because it's accessible, anonymous, and accepted, pornography addiction is so common.

Posted by Elijah on November 4th, 2022

The addiction to porn is growing. More people than ever before are seeking help for this addiction that seems uncontrollable. While there has been an increase in awareness overall, the pervasiveness of the issue among all age groups and socioeconomic categories points to a troubling and worrying trend that is unlikely to change.

While the actual causes of porn addiction have not changed significantly over time, the incidence of cases has increased and can be attributed to three factors. Availability, Anonymity, and Affordability are the "Three A's" of porn addiction. These three factors have come together thanks to the Internet and the media, viralpornhub and for some people, this combination may have unfavourable effects.

Accessibility: Prior to the invention of the Internet, magazines and VHS tapes were the sole sources of pornographic media. These pornographic sources were typically easy to access because magazines have long been sold in convenience stores and can be sent to one's home just as simply. Playboy magazine was first published in 1953, when social norms and morals were very different from those of today. It is arguably the most well-known and mainstream of all pornographic publications. It was uncommon in the 1950s for a married person to maintain a box full of pornographic magazines without having to keep them hidden from family members. When a porn addict had an urge, their ever-growing need, want, and passion for the "things" in the magazines posed an even bigger problem.

It was a little more difficult to rent, buy, and watch VHS tapes than it was to just buy a magazine and stow it away in a paper bag. The DVD had to be rented or bought from the adult or porn department of the video store, brought home, and kept secret. Then, in order to utilise VCR on what was probably the family television, they had to locate some solitude or privacy. The watcher or potential porn addict had to make plans and devise schemes in order to secure private time and conceal the videos.

Even though a porn addict can be inventive and meticulous in hiding their actions, barriers like those mentioned above used to stop many people from watching porn or made it very difficult to partake in the activity, which served as a deterrent for potential porn addicts.

That has all changed. That was altered by the Internet and the widespread use of personal computers. Even worse for the porn addict, logging on to a computer at work, home, or on a personal device simply takes a few seconds and is generally absolutely anonymous.

It is simpler to watch a taboo or forbidden fetish film or image privately on a computer than it is to play it on the family television. When "cookies" and browser histories are deleted, the tracks of computer-savvy porn addicts' behaviour can be hidden and erased. The computer may have buried copies of downloaded files. You may watch porn online without downloading anything by just streaming the visuals. It might take a forensic investigator to find pornographic material on a computer due to how well it can be concealed.

Mobile phones and tablets are examples of personal gadgets that are quickly taking over as the norm in communication technology. These devices are essentially portable computers that can access the Internet everywhere there is cell phone coverage. Because of this, anyone may access porn at any time of day or night, not just at home alone or late at night when everyone else is asleep.

Porn addicts used to be restricted to the hours they could access porn on their computers, frequently at night or in a private setting like an office. These brief access times provided a temporary break from the fixation and compulsion. Now that they can access their vice practically anywhere, compulsive porn addicts don't need a safe haven anymore. Most people have multiple devices connected to them.

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