A Case Study on Mitral Valve Prolapse and its Possibility of Healing

Posted by Elijah on November 4th, 2022

A tall, lovely woman in her seventies named Helen (not her real name) was a vice president at her firm. She had a history of dating passive aggressive guys, which left her feeling unfulfilled and insecure. She complained, "This is my sixth long-term relationship, and after a year of dating, I'm seeing he's passive aggressive like my prior relationships." Helen needed to hear that she wasn't the only woman who attracted men who were passive aggressive. She then started working.

Helen disclosed that she used medicine for depression and mitral valve prolapse.

The upper left chamber and lower left chamber of the heart are separated by the mitral valve. The two tissue flaps that make up the mitral valve open and close rhythmically to permit blood to flow from the atrium (upper chamber) to the ventricle (lower chamber). Most of the heart's pumping action occurs in the left ventricle, which also drives oxygen-rich blood into the arteries. The blood is subsequently transported throughout the body by the arteries. During the contraction of the heart, the flaps may "billow" backward slightly into the upper chamber if the mitral valve doesn't open and close properly. The term for this is mitral valve prolapse (MVP). When a stethoscope is used to listen to the heart sounds, MVP frequently produces a clicking sound. Because the valve does not seal properly in MVP, occasionally small volumes of blood may escape backward into the upper chamber of the heart. The heart is still beating normally despite this, however it results in a "heart murmur." Even with the MVP, there is a sufficient blood flow to the heart. Typically, prolapsing mitral valves do not worsen over time.

Given her relationship with her family and subsequent encounters with men, I wasn't surprised by either condition. Every time Helen ended a relationship, she lost a piece of herself and grew more pessimistic and self-critical about her capacity to forge a satisfying union.

Traditional Western Medicine (TWM) suggests the following therapies for mitral valve prolapse:

Diet: Well-balanced, nutritionally complete. Steer clear of coffee and chocolate. The autonomic nervous system is typically stimulated by caffeine, which makes symptoms worse. Keep sugar away. The autonomic nervous system is stimulated by a rise in blood sugar, which exacerbates symptoms. A high-protein snack is strongly advised for mid-afternoon. Fad and crash diets should be avoided in favour of maintaining weight within the range suggested for height and body type.

Fluids: It's critical to consume enough fluids. Numerous symptoms, including weakness, lightheadedness, and dizziness, are brought on by low blood pressure and low blood volume, both of which can be improved by drinking enough water. It is advised to drink at least 64 ounces of water or other non-caffeinated liquids every day.

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