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Posted by peter john on June 15th, 2016

At Solace Connect we want to bring everyone the most convenient entertainment experience. Enjoying your favorite shows and movies shouldn’t be making you pay for watching low quality streaming, a ton of ads, and charge you extra or slip in hidden fees. Entertainment should simply be worthwhile and stress free. So many of us settle with poor customer service and high, monthly bills for the sake of having decent entertainment, but we at Solace Connect don’t believe that relishing in the time you have to watch a good show or movie with friends and family shouldn’t be decent; the entertainment experience should be memorable and without hassle.

An Alternative to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

Many people have either added streaming apps or completely switched over to those apps from cable tv thinking it will save them plenty of money even though it comes with certain sacrifices. Alternatives to Netflix is an ad-free streaming service that can be seasons behind shows that are already airing. This leaves customers to be far behind any news on entertainment and having to avoid spoilers. Hulu alternative is more frequently updated but streams far too many ads in-between the shows. Amazon Prime is more updated, but even more expensive. At Solace Connect, we’ve had our own experiences with all of these streaming providers and decided to create our own to bring convenience to others, but won’t cause anyone to break bank because entertainment shouldn’t bring anyone so much financial trouble.

Switching over to the Solace Connect SC-S805 Smart TV Media Box will save you a large amount of money. It’s one of the best benefits to look forward to when dropping cable completely. Some may still worry that ditching cable will only hinder their experience with entertainment, but it will actually make it better. With Solace Connect, customers will have HD Streaming, updated shows and movies (seeing the show minutes after it airs), and can watch their shows without any ads. Our mission is to bring entertainment to its highest potential at the greatest level of convenience. When more people switch over to Solace Connect, they can say goodbye to monthly subscription bills from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and any cable provider.

Customer Service You Can Count On

Those of us at Solace Connect have also dealt with cable and streaming service that have poor customer service. It shows that their focus is on the money they’re earning rather than the customer’s enjoyment, which doesn’t fall in line with our mission at all. When customers purchase our Smart TV Media Box, they will have professional customer service at their side 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We keep in check with our customers and their issues to make sure they stay satisfied and so we can improve our products and services. That is how far we’ll go to make a significant change in the world of entertainment.

We at Solace Connect only want to improve entertainment for everyone. If you believe in our mission, then it’s time to stop settling with what you have and enjoy the best.

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