What are the five pillars of Christian marriage?

Posted by karan deep on November 4th, 2022

God has created a most beautiful relationship known as marriage to spend a happy, fruitful, and blessed life. Marriage is a sacred relationship where a man and a woman are meant to have a long-lasting, devoted, and selfless relationship. According to Christians, marriage is a relationship that is a covenant before god. On the occasion of a Christian wedding, two people exchange vows in front of family members, relatives, and friends.

Basically, a successful marriage is one in which both partners participate equally. Having a successful relationship completely depends upon both partners, and only a couple can decide how to make their marriage prosperous. In certain circumstances, it may be necessary for both partners to have the same moral principles and religious beliefs, while in others it may not be as important.

It is an inevitable truth that marriage does not guarantee happiness. Marriage is like a house that, if not sustained by a few very strong pillars, may easily be washed away. A successful marriage has five essential pillars, which have been identified. For a marriage to endure, each of these pillars must be strengthened. These pillars are the foundation of the relationship.

Let’s take a look at these five pillars of Christian marriage:

  • Love: Without any doubt, love is the most obvious pillar of marriage. Loving a person with whom you are married is the significant thing to make your relationship stronger. Having a loving partner also be beneficial for health. Sometimes some people have robust immune systems and health problems that eventually get better after marriage if they get married to the one whom they love the most. As, they have someone to support them, help with their rehabilitation, and inspire them to make healthy choices.
    Love is not a just feeling of being in love, it is more than that like openness with your partner and the will of supporting each other as well as habit consciously fortifies. In Christian marriages, this is a grace that both partners receive from God that strengthens this relationship even more. They can have this love even if they don’t like each other. Just as you can love yourself even when you don’t like yourself.
  • Trust and faith: This is a vital component of a healthy marriage. Without trust, a healthy relationship cannot be established and maintained, therefore mutual respect and trust are essential. A married couple should have faith in each other to uphold their commitment to the marriage. Honesty is the second tier of trust. A husband or wife should be able to rely on their spouse’s integrity. A spouse must be open and honest about their identities, emotions, and triumphs as well as their failures. There should not be any concealment between people. They ought to be able to rely on one another, to be honest. Faith is the belief that there is something bigger than oneself. It represents the possibility of greater things as when one has faith in God and the possibility of a successful marriage, hope increases.
    A husband or wife typically wishes to have confidence that their partner will treat them in a particular way. One desires to be able to trust the other to attend to their needs, show them respect, be patient with them, and consider them when performing routine activities.
  • Respect: One more essential pillar of a happy marriage is respect. This pillar is weakened by that devaluation, which also encourages interpersonal conflict. To ensure that you are protecting one another’s interests, you must respect one another. Husbands have to take into consideration their wife’s needs and respect their decisions and the wife has to be focused on making her husband feel appreciated after his hard and hectic day schedule. This is only possible if both partners respect each other.
  • Understand: Another pillar that is valuable is understanding one another. Understanding the partner’s feelings and views is essential to being able to treat them with respect, communicate effectively, and fulfill their needs. Even though one’s intuition is to act in a way that would make oneself feel loved, the key is to discover what one’s spouse perceives as love and act accordingly.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is a very important pillar in a relationship. Everyone wants a loyal partner and it’s normal for some couples to regard their partner as the most critical person in the entire world. Try to make your partner feel that you value their perspective and are committed to them. Having loyalty also involves supporting your spouse. You ought to be able to help them out if they’re struggling and need you to. They should reciprocate by doing the same for you.

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