Harry Kane promises to stay in shape for Tottenham before the England World Cup in Qatar

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With the World Cup approaching, Harry Kane sends a clear statement about how he will take care of his health once Tottenham secures a spot in the Champions League's knockout rounds. To make sure he is fit for the World Cup, Harry Kane swears he won't let up. Kane acknowledges that if Tottenham travelled to Qatar on November 15 with England, it would "really sting." Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 fans can buy England Vs USA Tickets from our website.

However, Harry Kane, the captain of the Three Lions, said it should serve as a warning that no famous player would think about taking a break in order to stay in peak shape for the World Cup.

In an effort to climb back into the title race, Tottenham will play Liverpool on Sunday. They will also play Nottingham Forest in the Carabao Cup and Leeds United in the Premier League. In the final few games before the World Cup, there was concern that players might try to conserve themselves for the tournament, but Kane claimed he never considered that.

The Tottenham striker stated: “I said before, try not to think about it. I said the World Cup was coming and it would come soon. We are in November and in a few weeks, we will be in Play the first game on the plane.”

Harry Kane

“I think a lot of players feel it, but I think top players give 110 per cent anyway. The more you think about managing yourself sometimes it backfires. So personally I just want to focus on the next three games.

“Obviously it’s hard not to think about it, but if we can get three good results, we’ll be in a very good position to go into the World Cup.”

After a major scare and some pyrotechnics in Marseille, Kane guided Tottenham to the Champions League knockout rounds. In order to interfere with the away team's preparations, ardent supporters of the French team blew off two sets of fireworks outside the Tottenham hotel in the early morning.

Kane is adamant that it is essential for him and the other Tottenham players to avoid travelling to Qatar two weeks later with a heavy heart. "It was incredibly crucial before the World Cup," he continued. It would hurt a lot if we were eliminated because playing in the Europa League after returning from the World Cup isn't the same. So, this is very significant.

“We still have three games to go before the World Cup and hopefully we can use tonight’s game to finish strong. If we can do well in the Premier League and qualify for the Carabao Cup it will be a very good start to the season.”

After escaping relegation and entering the Europa League, Tottenham Hotspur finished second with a draw and took the group lead after Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg scored the game's decisive goal. Tottenham may benefit greatly from this since they may be able to attract teams like Club Brugge. Instead of a Champions League favourite, choose Inter Milan or AC Milan. FIFA World Cup 2022 fans can buy England Vs Iran Tickets from our website.

Antonio Conte

In Marseille, they faced a significant challenge since Antonio Conte had been barred from the stands the night before the game due to a sideline restriction and fireworks.

Kane said: “We expected that, we were told fireworks could happen. I woke up in the first batch but luckily I fell asleep. Their fans couldn’t believe it, we knew the atmosphere would be special and one of the stands was also closed.”

“Thanks to them they do everything they can to make sure their team wins. Proud of the kids, to be in a very difficult place, the atmosphere is very hostile and we need to find something between ourselves, the players and the staff managed to do it. We showed a lot of desire in the second half, and a good mentality. So far it’s a bit like the story of our season, we are more of a team in the second half.”

“A few people said a few words at half-time, we had to be more aggressive and intense and I think in the second half we came out and did it. We scored at a good time and then we had a few chances to finish the game. They also had a few, but given the icing on the cake at the end, it was a very important goal to take the title.”

Even with partners of the opposite sex, England World Cup attendees advise against touching hands in public.

The police have issued a warning to World Cup attendees to respect Qatari culture.

According to the most recent Foreign Office guidance, none of the more than 3,000 English supporters travelling to the Gulf state should be permitted to hold hands in public, not even with partners of the opposite sex.

However, in an effort to "de-escalate" the situation, 15 British special police "participants" will stand between spectators and potentially aggressive local authorities. The Qatari government has warned supporters to stay calm.

Pakistani and Turkish police have been added by Qatar to help police the World Cup. Football World Cup 2022 fans can buy England Vs Wales Tickets from our website.

Mark Roberts, Cheshire Constable

Cheshire Police Constable Mark Roberts, England's top football agent, said. If necessary, our agents will attempt to defuse the situation.

“We are not the ethics police, we are not telling people not to protest.

“It’s a matter of local law enforcement. We just want to take care of the supporters.

“The last thing we want is for someone to be accidentally offended, so if we see something that could cause a problem, we can try to de-escalate the situation.”

“We know that fans of England often go to the square to get drunk, but it’s not really an option because you don’t appreciate it in the same way in Qatar.”

“When you have 2000 fans in one place, even in the UK, you let the police in and sometimes when England plays abroad, our fans make all the difference.

“We just want to avoid that.

“I won’t tell the fans what to do, but Qatar is a peaceful place.

“You just don’t hear the yelling. You don’t see the confrontation, they are generally a very polite guy.

“Misunderstandings are greater.

“Although the crime rates in Qatar are very low, the level of CCTV is very high compared to here, so the chances of crime and escape are negligible.”

“The Qataris want this event to be a success and for people to have a good time and not say anything negative.”

Although FIFA has not officially approved them, England and Wales have both committed to wear "One Love" wristbands in Qatar.

Mark Evans

But Mark Evans, head of international development at the Welsh FA, said: “Even if FIFA says ‘no’, we will wear the armband. The players have talked about it and agreed on what we will do, even if it means ‘we’ you will be fined.”

James, the foreign secretary, wisely asked English supporters to treat Qataris with respect. However, his remarks drew criticism from LGBT support groups who noted that homosexuality is against the law in the nation.

Last week, British campaigner Peter Thatchell staged a one-man demonstration in Qatar to draw attention to the oppression of LGBT people there.

The English WAG was also given a list of dos and don'ts, including instructions not to use loud music, sing, shout, or behave "inappropriately" when participating in prayers.

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