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Posted by Cooper and Co Electrical Services on November 4th, 2022

When planning for your photovoltaic system, you constantly encounter a word called an inverter. Now, what is an inverter? Well, an inverter is one of the most crucial parts of a solar energy system that converts DC, generated by the solar panel, to AC, which the electrical grid uses. You will see many inverters on google, but which one is the best suited for you? So, two inverters are in demand noways Fronius Inverters and the Growatt inverter. In this article, we will understand these inverters and their benefits. So let's get started.

What are solar inverters, and how do they work?

A solar inverter is an essential part of a solar power system. A solar inverter transforms the energy output from solar panels into an electricity form to be utilized in your home or workplace. 

A solar inverter takes in your solar panels' variable direct current output and transforms it into alternating 120V/240V current. The devices in your residence run on AC, not DC, which is why the solar inverter must change the DC output collected by your solar panels.

What is Fronius inverters? 

They said solar inverter is the heart of the solar photovoltaic system, which is a fact. But when is the inverter suitable? And when you talk about the right and best inverter, then the role of Fronius gets started. These inverters play a double role as they ensure the proper current yield and safety of the entire photovoltaic system. So these inverters could be the best of the rest. 

Benefits of Fronius inverters:

Whether you are planning to upgrade your p[revious inverter or purchase a new one, Fronius inverters are worth considering. Let's know-how: 

  • These inverters are highly reliable and efficient 

  • To prevent overheating, there is a built-in cooling system 

  • Can easily control electrical loads 

  • Give you the maximum efficiency 

  • These solar inverters can be monitored live 

  • Magnificent energy-saving capacity 

  • Multi power point tracking is available 

What are Growatt inverters?

Growatt Inverters Australia is well known for bringing smart and powerful features. These multipurpose off-grid solar inverters are integrated with an MPPT means Multi Power Point Tracking system, and a battery charging module, and it is all in one machine. These hybrid inverters use a battery charger that offers you to charge your batteries. 

Why should you choose Growatt inverters?

One should choose this inverter for their PV system; when one wants the best inverter for Australian conditions. This could be the most suitable option for those who want an affordable inverter but don't want to compromise the quality. 

Benefits of Growatt inverters:

  • They are easy to use and assemble 

  • Affordable with the best quality 

  • Provides a broad efficiency range 

  • Make lower noise than other inverters 

What makes a suitable solar inverter?

When you are scrolling for several solar inverters and different brands, you must know the qualities that make a good solar inverter. A perfect solar inverter must be CEC approved; CEC stands for Clean Energy Regulator. Being CEC-approved means it is suitable and approved for Australian climates by the relevant Australian Standards and is of good quality. And both the Fronius and the growatt inverters are CEC-approved. In addition to that, one must consider the size of the inverter. As in many cases, the solar inverter is located on the roof; therefore, the inverter must be size-friendly, easy to manage, and weatherproof. 

With this essential knowledge, your task of choosing the best solar inverter for your photovoltaic system is going to be easier. And let's make your job easier by suggesting the best platform in Australia to buy the best inverter. Yes, I am talking about Cooper and Co Electrical Company. The most reliable and trusted place to buy a solar inverter at a reasonable price.

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