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Posted by Danyking on June 16th, 2016

Hello, all ESO players. The Xbox version of the Elder Scrolls Online has finally received The Dark Brotherhood DLC. It was released first for PC and Mac on May 31, according to a report from VG247. Here Safewow, the best ESO gold website 2016, gives you a brief preview about it.

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The Dark Brotherhood introduces two new delves.

Two new delves are introduced. The first is Hrota Cave and the other is Garlas Agea. In them, two new world bosses are looking for challengers to defeat them. Limenauruus is a towering Minotaur found at Tribune’s Follye while the other world boss is lurking in the Kvatch Arena.

Dark Brotherhood contains the DLC game pack as well as the base game patch.

Dark Brotherhood for TESO: Tamriel Unlimited contains the DLC game pack as well as the base game patch, similar to other DLC releases made for Zenimax’s 2014 MMORPG. According to the official Elder Scrolls Online website, one of the highlights of the DLC game packs is the Gold Coast, where gamers can explore TESO 4: Oblivion’s Anvil and Kvatch. It will be accessible for all characters regardless of their level.

You can increase your standing and get rewards by completing quests.

Players of TESO on PS4 and Xbox One will be able to enjoy missions such as Bounty Quests, Contract Kill Quests, and Sacrament Quests. Contract Killing Quests will reward you for taking out certain individuals. Sacrament Quests will send you to specialized locations where you will stalk and kill your prey.

The Elder Scrolls Online DLC brings in new passive skill line and new gear etc.

The Elder Scrolls Online DLC also brings in a new passive skill line, which, as the official game site noted, is exclusive only to Dark Brotherhood members. Furthermore, gamers can also anticipate new gear, additional rewards, and more crafting styles from the Dark Brotherhood DLC game pack. There is also The Litany of Blood which is a kill mission that features targets located in all parts of Tamriel.

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