Granite porphyry sand making machine

Posted by lily lily on November 8th, 2022

Granite porphyry sand making machine is named because the plate hammer is its main component. It can achieve the required discharge particle size through frequency conversion control, and the sand making effect is good. Compared with other fine crushing equipment, its impact The force is larger, the crushing efficiency is higher, the proportion of the material below 3 mm is more than 70--80%, no screen bar design, no material blocking, very suitable for sand making in the mixing station. The rotating shaft and motor of the granite porphyry sand making machines are installed on the upright bracket. The raw material enters the crushing cavity from the feeding port on the top of the equipment and is hit by the high-speed running hammer; the body is equipped with a wear-resistant lining plate , the raw material is hit by the hammer head and quickly hits the wear-resistant lining plate to be broken again until it meets the particle size standard and is discharged from the bottom discharge port.

From its working principle, we can see that the structure of the granite porphyry sand making machine is simple. From raw materials to finished products, there is only 2~3s residence time in the crushing chamber, so the raw material throughput is very large and the production volume is high. The processing efficiency is strong, and the granularity and appearance of the stone are easy to handle and control. At the same time, the crushing principle of stone-on-stone is adopted, and the wear on the wearing parts is relatively small. The wearing parts are made of high hardness, high toughness and multi-component alloy wear-resistant materials, and the service life of the whole machine is increased by 2-3 times. , glass, ceramics, electricity and other fields are widely used, and many users have reported that the granite porphyry sand making machine works very well!

Advantages of Granite Porphyry Sand Making Machine

1. The crushing ratio is large, the discharge particle size can be controlled at will, and it will not be disturbed by the wear of the plate hammer and wear-resistant lining plate;

2. Without the setting of screen bars, it is not easy to block when crushing raw materials with high water content and large mud content;

3. Select elastic control equipment, and the unbreakable objects can be discharged by themselves without causing damage to the equipment;

4. The bearing is arranged horizontally, which has a long service life and can crush raw materials with high temperature (such as cement clinker);

5. The rotor body of the vertical shaft sand making machine has a unique structure. When crushing raw materials, the rotor body is basically not worn; the rear inner cavity is set with a screw rod or a hydraulic opening device, which can be easily replaced without lifting equipment. Consumable accessories.


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