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Posted by Liz Seyi on November 9th, 2022

What a frenzied and bruising year it’s been – and no less for businesses, which are continuing to face a wide range of stresses, from staff shortages to escalating costs. When you add the obligation for Christmas preparations on top of all that… well, it’s understandable that many business owners might feel overwhelmed by the wealth of responsibilities in front of them. 

So, for today’s blog post, we aren’t outlining simply the most obvious things a business can do to ready itself for the festive period, not least as we’re sure you will be doing them already. 

Instead, we’re highlighting some of those well-advised steps that you might have overlooked amid the usual day-to-day business rush. Let’s take a look at them. 

Update your Google Business Profile page 

It’s the free service that used to be known as Google My Business, whereby your business gets a listing on Google that you can update to display crucial information such as your firm’s address, phone number, opening times, and so on. 

Hopefully, your firm has got a Google Business Profile already, but did you know it’s possible to add temporary opening times to it? This allows you to let customers know if you’re set to alter your opening times over the festive period, alongside providing contact information they can use if they urgently need to get in touch while your business is closed. 

Start setting up your website not just for Christmas, but for Boxing Day and January 

That awkward lull between Christmas and when everyone returns to work in the New Year… we all know it, although no one really seems to know how to spend that time, once the crescendo of Christmas itself has occurred. 

While your target customers are relatively idle and have more free time on their hands than they will perhaps have at any other time of year, you could be making sales to them. 

So, if you have any plans at all to hold Boxing Day or January sales or to alter your business’s marketing or communication in any other way during this period, now is the moment to start doing the ‘behind the scenes’ adjustments to your business’s website, blog, and/or social media channels.  

Invest in Christmas-themed packaging material – and other festive touches 

Adding some Christmassy graphics to your business’s social media pages, or even using a festive-season hashtag on the business Twitter account, are tips that you might have heard of previously. But what about doing the same for the packaging of your business’s gifts and hampers? 

Whether your firm is an online store that will be shipping out great numbers of physical goods to customers this year, or an office-based firm that might wish to ‘thank’ a valued client with a Christmas hamper, here at Shredded-Paper.co.uk, we stock a broad range of Yuletide-themed shredded paper to help you achieve any look. 

It’s not just about the aesthetics when your customer or client opens the box from you, though. That’s because our 80gsm Christmas hamper kraft filling paper– available in both straight-cut and zig-zag varieties – can also make excellent practical sense, being well-suited for the protection of even especially delicate items while they are in transit. 

Plus, we offer shredded paper that is both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, so the mere fact of you using it can be a fine opportunity to show your organisation’s environmental credentials, too. 

If you like the idea of using our Christmas hamper kraft filling paper in your business’s activities this festive season, now is the time to get shopping for it. You can do so easily in our online store – and don’t forget that we offer free delivery to most UK mainland postcodes!   

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