6 Crucial Factors To Consider When Choosing A Water Pitchers

Posted by MasonMiller on November 10th, 2022

It is always vital to avoid picking any Water pitchers that you come across. Contrary, you need to go for a pitcher that fits almost all your needs. In that case, you need to have enough data to act as a guide in choosing the appropriate system. Here are therefore some of the crucial factors that can see you through making the right choice.

Size of pitcher

Although large pitchers hold more water, it is hard to lift them when full, and can also occupy a large volume of your fridge. On the other hand, although small systems hold less water they can be handled easily and can fit easily on the door of your fridge door. In addition, upper tank size is the other factor worthy of consideration here as the larger one can lower the overall capacity. So, a pitcher which is overall small might hold more water depending on the upper tank size. With this in mind, go for a pitcher whose capacity and size can cater to the needs of your family.

Filter life

Although the average life of WATER PITCHERS for many brands is 40 gallons, some can even go for 50 gallons or higher. This translates to any range between three to four months. Again, there could be significant variations of the given numbers which call for a need of doing your homework wisely. While doing so, remember to check on any filter life indicator that tells when a given filter needs to be changed. In a nutshell, avoid the Water pitchers that apply a timer system that warns you to change your filter within a set period irrespective of how much or little it is used. Instead, go for ones that show already filtered water as they will not only give a more accurate reading but also save you money.

Change filter cartridge

You can remember easily when to change the filter, particularly if you are organized properly. What would matter in this case is to write down the calendar dates while making sure you have a spare cartridge. However, many people fail to heed this due to forgetting. Consequently, there are a lot of inconveniences since the pitcher seems to operate accordingly. In fact, it may fail to filter water thus resulting in the application of contaminated water. It is therefore advisable to go for a model that has a system of reminders.

Filter Speed

You need to consider the time that your pitcher takes to completely filter the water. Typically, there is a time variation between one model to the other. you may be wanting to have a pitcher that filters fast forgetting that slow filtration is effective as it gets rid of many contaminants.

Filter numbers

Many Water pitchers have only one cartridge while other models have multiple. Of course, your water would be highly purified whenever you use multiple ones. The notion is important if you expect pure water after a short period. The only disadvantage with this is that there is a likelihood of ending up paying twice or thrice. With that in mind, an individual would be expected to weigh the merits and demerits in considering whether the move is important for him or her.

The pitcher material

The material used here has a profound impact on the duration that the pitcher will exist. Some of the materials that you need to put into consideration here are ABS plastics and food materials. In that case, make sure the Water pitcher that you choose is BPA-free. This is backed up by the idea that BPA has been found to leach into the water.

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