What is the hardness standard of seamless carbon steel pipe?

Posted by zora li on November 11th, 2022

What is the hardness standard of seamless carbon steel pipe?

Generally, the hardness of seamless steel pipe has three standards: Brinell hardness, Rockwell hardness and Vickers hardness.

1. Brinell hardness

Brinell hardness is the most commonly used standard for seamless pipe. Generally, the hardness of the material is expressed by the indentation diameter, which is intuitive and simple. However, this standard does not apply to hard and thin steel pipes.

2. Rockwell hardness

Rockwell hardness also uses indentation to express hardness, but Rockwell measures depth rather than diameter. Rockwell hardness is widely used in hardness testing of seamless steel pipes, and standard HRC is the most popular test method after Brinell hardness (HB). Rockwell hardness can be used to test extremely soft and extremely hard materials, making up for the lack of Brinell hardness. The hardness number can be read directly from the dial. However, Rockwell hardness is not as accurate as Brinell hardness due to the smaller indentation.

3. Vickers hardness

Vickers hardness also depends on the test indents available for testing thin metallic materials. Vickers hardness combines the advantages of Brinell and Rockwell, but is not as convenient to measure as Rockwell, so it is not widely used as a hardness scale.

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