Can a Sexologist Assist a Client With Sexual Problems?

Posted by Dr. Arora's Clinic on November 11th, 2022

Sexual problems are not new and are faced by men of all ages. Discussing sexual topics is a taboo in our society and therefore has a feeling of shame associated. Our society neglects the importance of an essential attribute of adult life. We expect everyone to do the needful and should be perfect at it. But that is far from reality, and sexual dysfunctions are quite normal. It is nothing to be ashamed of and should be discussed openly. A sexologist doctor is one who specializes in human sexuality and caters to your sexual problems. A sex specialist doctor treats sexual dysfunction and makes good sex life a reality. 

A man faces several sexual problems, and the reason and severity may vary. A sexologist doctor can help find the exact problem and provide a suitable treatment. Sexual intimacy is the backbone of a healthy relationship. Sexual problems may sabotage the strength of any relationship and might cause conflicts. Unsatisfactory sex life affects both partners and might exhibit its effects on other aspects of life. Being sexually content is a necessity to lead a happy and healthy life. 

Sexual problems and the role of Sexologists

Let's discuss various sexual problems and ways a sexologist can help you get better. 

Erectile Dysfunction 

The inability to have or maintain a firm erection is a common problem reported by men at various stages of life. It can happen due to various physical and psychological factors. It is nearly impossible for a man to pinpoint the exact cause out of multiple factors. Here, a sexologist doctor pitches in. The doctor will do a thorough physical and psychological assessment to help find the exact cause. After finding the cause, the doctor will prescribe a suitable treatment. 

Men with erectile dysfunction feel incompetent and may lose hope. Most cases of erectile dysfunction are treatable with the help of a good sex specialist doctor

Premature Ejaculation

Uncontrolled ejaculation can cause problems with sexual intimacy. Finishing too soon might not give any partner the time to enjoy sex. Even men who ejaculate early do not have strong orgasms. It could happen due to underlying chronic conditions, sensitive penis, infections, and sexual abuse among other factors. A sexologist will help determine the cause and get better. The doctor can prescribe medicines, ways to decrease sensitivity, and various techniques and exercises to master control over ejaculation. 

Low Sex Drive

Lack of sexual desire could happen due to tragic situations and can improve with time. But if the feeling does not go away, consulting a sexologist doctor may be the right option. Low sex drive could also happen due to certain health conditions or problematic relationships. A sexologist will look into the details and find the exact cause. Finding the cause will help in getting the right treatment. 

Delayed Ejaculation

Delay in ejaculation can affect sexual intimacy. It could happen due to various reasons, and a sex specialist doctor can help unveil the exact cause. The treatment will depend on the cause of the delay in ejaculation. Getting the treatment will help you assert control of ejaculation.

Small Penis Size

Most men have a complex that their penis is not big enough. They feel their penis size will not satisfy women and will only mock them. It makes them feel less, and they usually avoid physical intimacy. The truth is that an erect penis length of 3-6 inches works fine for men. Women have maximum nerve endings in only 2 inches of vaginal depth, and penetrative sex may not be sufficient for most women. Instead of sulking about small penis sizes, men should work on the techniques. Women in various surveys have admitted that they do not give importance to penis size, but intensity and efforts in lovemaking matter more. You can consult a sexologist to find out if you have a small penis. 

You can talk to a sex specialist doctor if you have any trouble in your sex life.

Bottom Line

Everyone has the right to live a healthy sex life. It might not always be a reality, though. It is better to consult a sexologist who is a sex specialist doctor who will help you with all the issues related to human sexuality. You can even talk to your doctor if you have unrealistic fantasies or want sex more than your partner. Every problem has a solution, and consulting a sexologist will help you find the one for you. 

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