How a Delivery Date Scheduler Can Help in Managing Different Shipping Dates

Posted by Maulik Shah on November 11th, 2022


Giving presents is now much more simple and more convenient. Thanks to online purchasing!

Finding the appropriate present online and shipping it immediately to loved ones who live far away or nearby is much easier and more private at the same time.

The option to choose the day and time of order delivery has given gifts more flair.

The younger generation enjoys celebrating birthdays around midnight, so some bakeries have started offering midnight cake deliveries in response to this demand.

Thus, until the order comes, these features on the online store help you keep it a secret.

To cut a long tale short, integrating a new feature into your Magento store will give it a competitive edge.

Product Order Date

Order date is the day an owner of a store receives an order. With such a Magento extension, the owner may quickly receive the list of orders on a specific day. This will make sure you stay within their production limit.

Based on the order date, such as the shipment and delivery dates. You can define all other dates based on the order date. However, the delivery date will take longer than usual if you place an order during or just before a holiday. 

You can also consider the order time to determine whether same-day delivery eligibility.

Date of Shipping and Anticipated Shipping Date

Once the owner receives the order, they confirm it, prepare it, pack it, and then ship it. The shipping date is when you ship the order. This means the package has left the store and passed it on to the delivery provider.

The product's availability, the time required to process and package the order, future holidays or weekends, and other factors affect the shipment date. This date indicates how long the owner takes to ship the item from his end.

The clients won't know how long it takes to ship an order, particularly if the goods are fully or partially personalized. You can therefore display the customer's anticipated shipping date. In this approach, people will be aware that once they place the order, it takes X days to dispatch once they place the order. Having clarity in these situations will cut down on customer calls, emails, and texts wondering when they will receive their order.

Date of Delivery and Estimated Date of Delivery

The consumer can anticipate receiving their order on the day specified as the estimated delivery date. Once the order is dispatched, you can determine the delivery date. Weather conditions or other unplanned events may have an impact on the estimation. 

Otherwise, the customer can anticipate delivery on the specified date if all goes according to plan. They can estimate when they will receive the package using this date. 

The delivery date is the day the consumer receives the order. In some cases, incorrect delivery addresses, unsuccessful delivery efforts, delays in customs clearance in the event of overseas orders, etc., the delivery date and the projected delivery date may not match. With the use of the delivery date scheduler add-on, you may accurately anticipate delivery dates for your client's benefit and your ability to live up to their expectations.

Date of Return

This is the day the seller receives the customer's return order in the event of a problem with the goods. It helps you figure out the dates with more returns or how many returns are on w Customers are typically permitted between 15 and 30 days to return an order.


Such Magento 2 delivery date manager extension development might occasionally significantly impact the store. This delivery date scheduler extension clarifies matters for buyers and sellers on both ends. It is simpler to keep track of the orders that are coming in and going out. You'll have information on whether all your products were sent and delivered on time, the date of the return order, etc. To ensure you always satisfy your client's expectations, you can examine these statistics and adjust your business accordingly.

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