A shocking injury to Lionel Messi two weeks before the FIFA World Cup 2022 and more

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Less than two weeks before the start of the 2022 Football World Cup, Argentina captain Lionel Messi sustained an Achilles tendon injury and was unable to play in his club Paris Saint-Germain's 2-1 victory over Lorient. Argentina will take notice of Messi's swollen tendon. As Argentina already perspiring on injuries to Angel di Maria and Paulo Dybala. Qatar FIFA World Cup fans can buy Poland Vs Argentina Tickets from our website.

“Messi is being treated further as a precaution for inflammation of the Achilles tendon. He will resume training next week,” Paris Saint-Germain said in a statement on their website on Saturday.

Paris Saint-Germain head coach Christoph Galtier told a press conference on Friday. That he expects Messi to play against Auxerre on November 13. The last game before the World Cup break.

“Injuries are a cause for concern,” Messi told DirecTV Sports in October.

“It’s a different World Cup, it’s a different time of year than it used to be and every little thing that happens to you is imminent and you might be forced to leave. Exactly what happened to Dybala and Di Maria? The truth is that when you see these things, you’re personally concerned, more scared.”

Argentina against Saudi Arabia will start their Football World Cup event on November 22

Messi's fifth and final chance to win the World Cup will be in Qatar in 2022. He won his first Copa America championship in Argentina last year. He was expected to bring home the nation's first World Cup victory since 1986.

With 12 goals and 14 assists in all competitions this season, Messi is poised to reclaim his domineering form.

Timo Werner of Germany and Ben Chilwell of England were the most recent players to be added to the increasing list of athletes who would be missing the World Cup due to injury last week.

In Qatar, the song "Love Argentina" attracts 5,000 World Cup of Football supporters.

In Qatar, there are more than 5,000 Argentines who will welcome the team and support La Albiceleste.

Qatar's DOHA — Expect more from Argentina's supporters when they take the field against Saudi Arabia in their World Cup opener on November 22.

Since 1986, long before Lionel Messi was born, La Albiceleste had a dedicated following.

In June of this year, Argentina Fans Qatar (AFQ) was established just before Argentina's match against Italy. In November and December, some fans will be at the stadium, while others will be yelling in the spectator area.

But AFQ tells the tale of devoted Messi supporters from a variety of countries, primarily Africans, Indians, Nepalese, Sri Lankans, and Bangladeshis, who claim their passion for Argentina and Messi knows no bounds. FIFA World Cup 2022 fans can buy Argentina Vs Mexico Tickets from our website.

Fans are more interested in watching Messi's final game after learning that the World Cup in Qatar will be his last, and they have high hopes that the two-time world champion will win their third title on December 18.

Argentina Fans Qatar (AFQ)

“Our driving force is the love for Argentina, and our goal is to support travelling fans and make them feel at home in Qatar,” said Indian engineer Mohammed Suhail Ali.

part of the 5,000-person crew who started it all. stated during a conversation with Al Jazeera. Carnival for Argentine fans in Qatar.

More than 3,000 guests, including over 100 Argentine citizens and Argentine Ambassador Guillermo Nicholas, came from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Italy, Spain, Nigeria, and Cameroon.

“In five months we have grown our fan base to more than 5,000 people and there is only one thing that unites us and that is our love for Argentina,” he added.

The majority of AFQ members are from Kerala, the centre of South Indian football, where Argentine and Brazilian supporters predominate.

According to Muhammed Shaneed, a group member and real estate marketer from Kerala. India has always had a soft spot for Argentina and Brazil, even before Messi was born.

Kerala fans attended their first World Cup in Mexico in 1986, when Brazil, under the guidance of Socrates, defeated legendary players like Zico and Falco and displayed a ball miracle for all to see.

Diego Maradona

During the same Football World Cup, fans observed the birth of a new star and Diego Maradona became famous and won the hearts of fans around the world.

“I was transformed in 1986 by the magic of Maradona to lead his country to a title, and everything we do here reflects our undying love for Argentina,” another AFQ representative and Indian retailer Rafeek Hammed. “We wish Argentina and Messi good luck and we will cheer them on at the stadium.”

Faiz Khan, a Nepalese clerk, said: “I have been supporting Argentina since primary school where I saw people painting their vehicles, roads, trees and even houses white and blue. I was emotionally invested in them, and I hope they win the award trophy. I have tickets to all three group matches and maybe the quarter-finals to watch.”

Cameroonian teacher Roger David

Cameroonian teacher Roger David said: “Argentina has my support because Messi is the best player in the world and he deserves it. He’s done all the work in club football, so now it’s him who shines and shines. A chance to be big to win.”

“The fans are emotional and are looking for joy in football through Messi,” said Pakistani fan Ismail Ali.

“He brought a lot of joy and unforgettable moments to the world, so this is the World Cup he won for the world.”

Described her pride in the fans’ carnival Jessica Costa, is a student at Qatar University from Argentina.

“It’s great to see people from other countries wearing your country’s jerseys,” she said.

“I am proud that they celebrate Argentina with such joy and cheer for our team.”

Lucas Aurieme, an Argentine native living in Qatar, said it was “weird but cool” to see other citizens celebrating and supporting his country.

Argentina “touches this emotion in people all over the world,” he said.

Adding that he was “ecstatic” when he took the metro to the event and saw many fans dressed in Argentine colours.

“A lot of people ask us to take selfies because we’re from Argentina. We’re not even famous,” he added.

Agustina Ramos says it is every Argentine’s dream to see Messi and his teammates win the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Football World Cup: 6,000 Argentinian fans banned from Qatar stadium

Six thousand Argentines were among those barred from entering the World Cup stadium in Qatar, along with violent fans participating in unlawful associations and even those who owed money for food. On the list on Monday, the city council of Buenos Aires stated.

Marcelo D’Alessandro, Minister of Justice and Security

“The violent people are here and in Qatar. We want to restore peace in football, while the violent people are outside the stadium,” Marcelo D’Alessandro, the Minister of Justice and Security, said in an interview on a local radio station.

“They are on the list because they belong to ‘barras’ [violent fans], participate in violent acts, participate in illegal associations such as ‘trapitos’ [not street trading] and alimony [from divorced parents],” added D’Alessandro ready.

As with the World Cup, delegates from the country's numerous police agencies would be sent to help the Qatari security authorities maintain control of the country, the official added.

To stop Argentine fans from attending the World Cup, the Ministry of State Security and the Qatari embassy inked a cooperation agreement in June.

6,000 Argentines were prohibited from entering the stadium. According to D'Alessandro, there are about 3,000 "barrabravas" who are prohibited from participating in local leagues.

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