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Posted by rajini chenna on June 17th, 2016

Mechanical engineering as a stream has been there for centuries now, and we may very safely say that it is one other most evergreen streams of engineering. The beginning of mechanical engineering marks way back in the 18th century and it is primarily about application of physics, engineering and material design in machinery. Mechanical engineering deals with machinery, its designing, manufacturing, functioning, maintenance and more in application areas like various different industries, war arsenal, robots and more. Since, the day it came into being the stream has seen consistent innovation and development.

Career Pre-requisites

To pursue a mechanical engineering career one has to get a degree in mechanical engineering after completing 12th Science. Mechanical engineering degree is a 4 year undergraduate course after which you may take up work or go for higher education, as in Masters in Engineering and further more a doctorate in the same. Once you are a mechanical engineering you have a choice of areas to work in. Here’s a rundown the same.

Designing - As a design person you may look into designing anything that is useful to humankind and works on mechanical motion.

Manufacturing - Manufacturing is about processing materials to make new products based on the design specifications.

Management - This involves supervision and monitoring of the machinery in power plants, large industrial setups and more.

Research & Development - This is an unending area of work where innovation and development goes on and on until the end of time. You create, you innovate and evolve.

Earlier it was only about mechanical engineering but now there are a lot of sub-streams where mechanical engineers can plunge into. This includes the latest ones like bio-medical engineering , nuclear engineering, robotics engineering and more. Robotics and bio-medical engineering seems to have a lot of scope in the coming years. The various industries that require mechanical engineers to work for them include the Steel Plants, Automobile Industries, Aviation, Shipping, Armed Forces, Thermal Plants, Shipping Industry.

As far as the remuneration is concerned, a fresher can get anywhere between 10k to 30k. Though, with the entrance of MNCs in India the salary limits have increased and hence there are chances you get even more. Experienced professionals get high salaries like 45k onwards, all depending upon the years of experience, skills, efficiency and other factors.

In a nutshell, the crux of the matter is that Mechanical engineering is absolutely a lucrative career that offers sufficient growth and job satisfaction to people who are passionate about mechanics.

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