How formal should students be while interacting with their teachers?

Posted by sudhir basu on November 14th, 2022

Teachers and students are two different sides of the same coin. In a schooling environment, they both play a vital role. The parents and teachers themselves teach their students to be formal and polite while interacting with them.

Students are of many types – some are intelligent and some are weak, some listen to their teachers while some do not. So, it should be the duty of any teacher to teach their student how to be formal and polite. Like other schools, the cbse school howrah teachers are also involved in making their students polite and kind.

Teachers play a role of a friend, a mentor, a guide, a facilitator, and many more on a daily basis. Students interact with their respective teachers in regard to their subject matter in line with a formal conversation and also informal at times.

Over the past decade or two, students have become far more casual in their interactions with their faculty members. This hinders the existence of a traditional formal environment in an education setup.

But we also cannot deny that with modern trends in education and with the latest approaches adapted for teaching and learning worldwide, the student community has emerged as a major contributor towards the development of the socio-economic background of educational institutions.

Being a 21st-century learner a student is backed up with a diverse skill set like critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, etc.

As an outcome of which, students surpass the communication barriers and are able to interact in a comfortable way with their educators.

A formal approach while interacting with their teachers and superiors is appreciated, but at the same time, a student should not feel bound by a formal setup while expressing oneself.

As every lock has a different key, every student's approach can be different. There is no mandate rule in regard to when it comes to interaction with their teachers. As far as the approach and revert can be considered fair, it will be the best way to work from both ends.

It is seen that the teachers of the cbse board school in howrah have positive interactions with their students creating a classroom environment more helpful to learning and meeting students' developmental, emotional and educational needs.

The Teacher-Student relationship depends to a very large extent upon effort from both parties although the teacher plays a key role and in fact, the responsibility, to initiate positive interaction. The teacher who is practical in representation, recognition, understanding, intimacy, expectation, respect, care, and cooperation towards his or her students not only works at initiating positive teacher-student relationships but also increases the likelihood of building strong relationships that will endure over time. Teacher-student Interaction has an impact on classroom management and affects learning and growth. According to the developmental perspective, the establishment of a positive teacher-student relationship aids a student’s cognitive, social and emotional growth and enhances their mental well-being.


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