Joker Mastercard And Its Benefits

Posted by MasonMiller on November 14th, 2022

A joker MasterCard is a card that allows you to make payment just as you would with a conventional debit card or a credit card. You can use the joker MasterCard both at the store or online. The card can be used to make purchases online or buy products at the store. The joker MasterCard can be used anywhere where a conventional MasterCard is used. The difference between this card and a MasterCard is that the jokercard is a preloaded card and thus you cannot add more funds to the account or withdraw money from the ATM. Instead, you will find that joker MasterCard comes in different accounts with fixed amounts. This can be , , 0, 0, and 0. The Joker MasterCard is not provided by the people’s trust company.

Types of joker prepaid cars

Before we look at how to check joker card balance, it is important to look at the two types of joker prepaid cards.

Physical joker prepaid card

The first joker MasterCard type is the one you carry with you to places where MasterCard is accepted. This card can either be used online or offline. This card looks somewhat like the typical credit card with about 16 digits. These are the digits that you input when shopping online. Also, the card features the expiry date as well as the 3-digit code at the back. With all these features, you are able to use the card just like the normal credit card that you use to make payments online.

Virtual joker prepaid MasterCard

The second type of a joker prepaid MasterCard is the virtual joker prepaid MasterCard that can be used without having to carry the physical card with you. Instead, this card is carried digitally on your mobile and other electronic devices. Just like your physical card, your digital Jokercard comes with a 16 digits number and a CVV2 code. Also, you will find the expiry date clearly stated on the card. The only difference is that you cannot use your digital card in places where manual swiping is required.

How to use Jokercard

As we already mentioned, you can use a Jokercard in all places where MasterCard is accepted. When you want to use your Jokercard, simply swipe your card in the store where you want to make the purchase before signing the receipt. If you are shopping online, you will need to input the 16 digit number, the expiry date and the 3-digit code. Wherever you use your card, the total amount charged plus taxes will be deducted from the card balance. You can continue using the card until the balance reaches zero. Once the balance has been depleted, the card can no longer be used as it is not reloadable. At this point, you will have to purchase a new card.

The funds have no expiry

Although a joker MasterCard comes with an expiry date, the funds on the card will never expire. If the card expires while still having a balance, all you have to do is to buy a new card before having your previous funds transferred to the new card.

You can get a virtual and physical card

You can get your joker MasterCard in either of the two forms. First, there is a physical Jokercard that you can go with you to the stores and secondly, there is a virtual Jokercard. The latter is used when making purchases online. The virtual card is loved by many as it eliminates the risk of loss and theft.

There is minimal personal data linked to you

Since there is no physical data connecting the card to you, there is no data risk of loss at the point of sale terminal. Although there is personal information needed when using and trading with the card, the personal information revealed is very limited.


Joker MasterCard is very important as it enables people to make purchases using their cards just like they would use MasterCard. This eliminates the need for a bank account.

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