A quick glance at the 2022 IT staff augmentation trends

Posted by YOMA Business Solutions on November 14th, 2022

In today's post-pandemic era, the way we do business has substantially changed. For instance, there is a colossal surge in remote working, and organizations embrace this change to make sure they do not lose the talent they have succeeded with so far. However, there are challenges in permanent recruitment where organizations are yet reluctant to fully go remote with their available resources. They still do not plan on missing the opportunities where they can onboard top talent. That is where staff augmentation comes in handy. 


Whether it is staff augmentation or its subtype IT staff augmentation, both are growing globally, given the enormous benefits and support they provide to the organizations. According to the latest market forecast, IT staff augmentation will become .87 billion industry by 2025, i.e. a growth at a CAGR of 3.53% (according to Axiom). 


IT staff augmentation, however, is changing fast, and there is a room for it to cause massive transformation in the future. As we have just started walking into the post-pandemic era, it's the ideal opportunity to look at the latest IT staff augmentation trends. These trends are meant to shape the industry for the remainder of the times. 


Before we jump to discuss 2022 trends of IT staff augmentation, let's hold on a for a moment and have a relook at the IT staff augmentation benefits. 


1. Reduced cost of hiring

2. Quick project delivery

3. Higher productivity

4. Superior flexibility

5. Lower recruitment efforts

6. reduced overhead cost


Mentioned below are the top 4 IT staff augmentation trends in 2022


Narrowing permanent workforce

The corporate world is undergoing Great Resignation era, and we can partially blame the post-COVID lifestyle changes. The United States alone had witnessed 4 million people resigning from their posts in 2021. Furthermore, attracting high-quality employees has also become challenging in these post-pandemic times. 


This is where staff augmentation helps. Organizations take help from their staffing services partners without having to spend in-house resources, hence time to overcome the staff shortage they might be facing. 


The impact of remote workstyle

It's important to have tools and a framework for seamless integration of digital recruitment as a staffing partner. Post pandemic, an increasing number of people have turned to remote workstyle, and organizations have opened up to this change gradually. Organizations are in need of enabling digital workforce and employee integration by making sure employee well-being. It is a critical for IT staffing partners to adapt themselves to this dynamic pattern fast. 


Importance of value over cost-savings

Today, organizations are seeking quality, even if it comes at a higher cost. IT staffing service providers must provide resources that are open to maintaining flexible timings of organizations by understanding the company culture and also aligning with its mission. Organizations will look for partners who will be able to fulfill this requirement. 


The necessity of cybersecurity

Another direct influence of remote working is on cybersecurity. There is an immense challenge to control endpoint security as the teams have spread globally. Considering this trend, it is inevitable that organizations look for cybersecurity professionals on a larger scale than usual. This is imperative to create countermeasures to cyberattacks and breaches.  



IT staff augmentation functions as a boon for organizations facing difficulties in recruting the right talent on-demand. 

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