Tips to Print Wall Calendar for Your Business

Posted by Steve Morgan on November 14th, 2022

As the New Year is approaching fast, it is the ideal time to thank your clients and look forward to more business. With a custom calendar, you can promote your products and services all throughout the year. Most clients might be expecting a card or a letter from you in the months to come but a custom calendar is unexpected.

However, you have to make sure that you are designing it right. In this casino, we are going to list the best tips to print a custom wall calendar.

1.  Plan the Theme

You need to decide on the wall calendar printing theme. No matter whether you run a dental office or a restaurant, you will find a calendar print that’s relevant to you. First, you need to decide on your goals. Do you want to emphasize your relationship with your old customer or do you want to reach out to new ones? Find out what you want to achieve.

In case you have multiple goals, which you have to achieve in certain months. You can also choose different themes for each month.

2.  Select the Holidays You Want to Highlight in the Calendar

Your goals and calendar themes need to be reflected in your observance or holiday selection. For instance, if your goal for the desk tent calendar or wall calendar is to improve foot traffic at certain times of the year, choosing to celebrate specific times of the week with promotional events or reward programs can generate interest. You should remember, you don’t always have to be related it to the cause. By using corporate holidays, you can piggyback on it. You can offer a discount on the products that are associated with the corporate holiday. But be constructive and every holiday shouldn’t have to be unique.

3.  Choose Premium Quality Images

The image you are adding to the custom desk tent calendar or wall calendar needs to be chosen with complete care. All images should be appealing, of high-resolution, and appealing. However, do not cover the calendar with different images as it might appear messy. Choose images as per the holidays or images of specific dates or months.

4.  Use It as a Portfolio

If your company is offering a diverse range of products or services, you can use a custom calendar to highlight them as a portfolio. Display different elements of the business on every calendar page and make the most of the promotional opportunity.

5.  Choose the Type of Calendar You Want

These are different types of calendars that businesses use for promoting their products or service. Some such calendars are magnetic calendars, table calendars, poster calendars, and wall calendars. Choose the calendar type, which will complement the design. For instance, if you are planning on highlighting the logo or selecting a wall calendar with the logo as the header for the calendar.

But if you would like to highlight promotional products, a desk calendar with its pages divided into two halves, one for the dates and the other for the product can be a good choice. If you would like to display the product’s USP. For instance, if they are organic or made of original materials.

6.  Choose a Functional Date Display System

Sure, you are designing and printing a calendar for promoting your brand and offerings. But the calendars are going to be used by the customers for checking dates and the clients to keep crucial business appointments. Hence, you should keep the design functional by selecting a clear display system and the date format that is pleasant to the eye. Use it for highlighting crucial events of the brand.

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